What Is Android Root & Why Android Root Is Popular

Most of Android users are now familiar with rooting even though they are not able to point out what it is exactly. If you search for the word “Android Root” you may get hundreds of results with various explanations. Some of these explanations are easy to understand while some of them too hard to understand. The intention of this piece of article is to give you a clear understanding in a simple manner about Android Root. I hope it will be helpful if you are interested in Android Root.

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Android Rooting

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world now. As you know, most smartphone manufacturers use Android mobile operating system as their stock operating system. Android is developed by Google with the collaboration of Open Handset Alliance as an open source along with proprietary components. Perhaps you may know that the source code of open-source software is free to study and edit under the right which is granted by the copyright holder.

This official right allows anyone to change the system for any purpose and distribute it as a new version of the system. Actually, the Open source model is the key reason for Android to earn higher popularity outmanoeuvring other operating systems. So, you may be thinking why your device cannot be modified even it is an Android device. The answer is marketing strategies. None of the manufacturers wants to see a modified version of their devices which may lead to the decline of profits. As you know, the uniqueness of a device creates higher demand and profit since it can compete with other devices without any harassments.

Why Can’t You Customize Your Android Device

Although all Android smartphone manufacturers are using the same Android system, we cannot see the same features on every smartphone. Have you ever thought of why this happens? Because every manufacturer modified the Android system to grab more market share by attracting more customer base. After modifying the system, they lock the system by imposing software restriction on the device and launch it to the market. It prevents users and other third parties doing modifications on the system.

The one and the only way to access the core part of the device is rooting.
You can only touch the surface of the system until you root your device, not the core part. When you rooting a device, rooting method finds the security holes of the Android system and exploit them and give access to the core of the system. Since Android is based on Linux kernel, rooting is similar to administrative (superuser) permissions on Linux.

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Android Rooting Methods

Android Rooting methods can basically be divided into one-click rooting tools and fastboot commands. Despite these methods, you can flash root applications using flashing utility or the third-party recovery environment. When it comes to one-click rooting tools, Kingroot, towelroot, iroot, RootKHP are very popular among users and Samsung Odin is popular as root flashing utility.

Magisk is one of popular rooting solution which can be used to gain root access by flashing in a third-party recovery environment such as TWRP. Whatever the method the same mechanism is being used which is known as exploiting the Android vulnerabilities.


Rooting Advantages and Disadvantages

As it says one coin has two sides, Rooting also has positive and negative sides. When it comes to the positive side, the first positive effect is freedom. It means the users of the device is free to do prefered customizations on the device which were previously unable.

As you know, you cannot remove some apps that you get when you buy the device even though you have tried a lot. These are system apps and you need permission which means administrative privileges to remove them. After getting administrative privileges through the rooting process you can remove them using Titanium Backup or other application.

Though there are several reasons to root Android device, none of them is as important as e installing custom ROM. Custom ROM is a modified version of the Pure Android system. It offers lots of features than a stock Android ROM. The basic need to install Custom ROM is to flashing Custom Recovery. Because the Stock recovery has not enough permission or facilities to flash Custom ROM. You cannot install a custom recovery on your device without rooting it. Because users cannot use third-party products on stock Android smartphones.


As disadvantages of rooting, less device security and risk of bricking may be included. But both of them can be avoided following proper rooting method along with enough knowledge. A root managing tool is the compulsory component to avoid less device security after rooting since it always checks the app which asks for root access and allows users to be notified about it.

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Final Word

In my opinion, it is better to extract more information from the genuine articles and video guides before put the hands on your device operating system. Because less knowledge of rooting may cause to have a damaged device as a result of the process.