How To Download Freedom APK To Get Games In-App Purchases For Free

Hello, Android games lovers, here you have great news which can make your mind full of happiness. Have you ever thought to play paid games on your Android for free withou paying money? Have you tried to do so and no result yet. If so here is Freedom APK for you. Freedom APK allows you to have in-app purchases and premium features for free. It is amazing. Isn’t it? As you know, most of the attractive and adventures features in games are available only for money. It is hard to pay for every game you love. Now, you can play almost all of the paid games features for free with Freedom APK download.

Freedom APK Download

Freedom APK allows users to enjoy the paid games features for free by patching them. As you know, patching a game is not as easy as we think. But Freedom APK allows you to do it in a single click. This app has been specially designed to hack video games and get coins, gems to play the full game. So, if you have an idea to play your favourite game until it ends and you do not have to pay for it Freedom Apk is there for you. Unfortunately, you cannot download Freedom APK on your Android device without rooting it. The key requirements for Freedom APK is a rooted Android device.

Features Of Freedom APK

  • Compatible with most of the Android versions
  • Stable on latest Android firmware
  • Fewer bugs issues
  • Regular updates
  • Improved interface and functionality
  • Cracks all the Android video games
  • Allows to have all the premium features for free

Freedom APK And Root Acess

Freedom APK has especially been designed for hacking and other illegal tasks and its need root access. As you know, you cannot alter your device operating system as you want until it is rooted. Freedom apk needs root access to access into your system and patch the game you are going to play for free. So, first of all, you have to root your device in order to use Freedom APK on your device. If you try to install Freedom APK on your device without rooting it you will be prompted as “Root access is required to use Freedom”

System Requirments

  • Android 2.3 or higher Android version
  • Rooted Android phone
  • 512 MB RAM and 100 MB free internal storage

How To Install Freedom APK On Your Android Smartphone

Freedom APK is lightweight and you can simply install it on your device. It cracks the license verification and by-pass the app purchases and allows users to have unlimited coins, gems and points to reach the final level of the game for free. Being a hacking app, Freedom APK is not available in Google Play Store and it will not come into the Play store. The app is available in third-party download sources and you can download it from a trusted source.

  • 1 Step – As you are going to download Freedom APK from a third-party source you need to “Enable Unknown Sources” from the device settings. Go to Settings >Security > Enable “Unknown Sources” by checking the checkbox
  • 2 Step – Next, download Freedom APK on your Android device
  • 3 Step – Open the Freedom APK and Tap on “Install” button to install the application.
  • 4 Step – Grant “Root Access” when required

How To Buy Any Game For Free Using Freedom APK

  • 1 Step – You cannot open the as soon as you installed since you need to change the time zone settings to Moscow. Change the Time Zone to Moscow from device Date and Time settings
  • 2 Step – Tap on Freedom APK and select the game you want to make in-app purchases
  • 3 Step – Then, the game will be opened and you can select your choice. You can buy diamonds, points or coins. Just click on the buying options and freedom will make payments for it
  • 4 Step – Hurray! Now, you can play the game until it ends

As you have changed the time zone you may face the problem when trying to use the Google play store. Make sure to change the fake time zone to the actual time zone before using the Play store. If you are unable to change the time zone as usual try the following method

  • 1 Step – Download a Root Explorer
  • 2 Step – Get to Root > Etc Folder
  • 3 Step – Find the ‘hosts’ file and delete it
  • 4 Step – Go to Settings > Apps > Play Store and select “Uninstall updates” to uninstall the updates
  • 5 Step – Reboot your device

Final Word

Freedom APK is a great and awesome app for Android video game lovers. It patches the game you love using a hacked card and it is used to get the in-app purchases. Download an install Freedom APK properly and enjoy the game you want for free.