How to Download MagiskSU for Manually Root an Android

Download MagiskSU application can be used for rooting manner of all the Android devices without any doubt. Though there are a number of rooting tools the majority of them can use over only one Android brand. This valuable tool has a wide range of compatible devices list for rooting procedure. MagiskSU has developed by “topjhonwu” who detected as an app developer and contributor of XDA Developers. The best compatible MagiskSU application is based on PHP’s approach and the MagiskSU can follow the same language as SuperSU. Both applications can make you a super user of your Android smart kit using exactly the same way. That is why all the users who need to stay with the SuperSU application can use MagiskSU for support to ChainFire rooting solution. Download MagiskSU is the best ever application what can use to gain administrative privileges.

download magisksu

MagiskSU application comes with more powerful Universal Systemless Interface as same as the ChainFire rooting solution. This is not an average rooting application that can be downloaded in any sphere of the world wide web. Download MagiskSU allows you to modify the boot image of your smart handset. If you have rooted the smart kit before using this application it allows you to touch the system partition. This will help you to customize your smart device according to your wish. MagiskSU let you mess with the custom ROM firmware and you can enjoy extended battery life, boost performances and more other using this way. Keep in mind that engaging Custom firmware flashing may cause to void your device’s warranty because no vendor allows changing their standards ever. Installing the MagiskSU Systemless interface is a nice easy process that you can engage. The Systemless rooting the system affords you handling Android Pay.

Download MagiskSU On your Personal Computer

MagiskSU is an Android-based application and you have to download using a PC and transfer it to your Android smart handset. You can use two in one applications to install and uninstall this application on your Android smart kit. We have presented three direct links of the application as Installer, Uninstaller and the APK file here. You have to download all these apps and use them on your smart device. Make sure to follow all the steps otherwise this may be not worked in its better performances. MagiskSU runs similar to Xposed Framework so you can install modules to modify all the areas in the handset. The major difference is MagiskSU allows changing all the ways in a Systemless way but the Xposed Framework granting permanent ones. MagiskSU is compatible with the latest Android Nougat operating system.

  • MagiskSU Installer application
  • MagiskSU Uninstaller
  • MagiskSU Manager APK


  • You have to flash TWRP Recovery before engaging in the procedure.
  • Take a complete backup of all the necessary personal data what stored on your smart device.
  • Need unlocked Bootloader to start the process.
  • The battery life must be over 60% is recommended to prevent an unexpected shutdown.
  • Read the guide carefully and refresh knowledge for a better output.

How to install MagiskSU

  • First, take a complete backup of your smart handset.
  • Download MagiskSU installer via the above-mentioned link and transfer it to the smart device.
  • Boot your handset into TWRP Recovery mode.
  • Tap the “Install” button on MagiskSU application.
  • Swipe to confirm the flashing.
  • After complete the flashing process, reboot the device.
  • Then navigate the default browser to our official website and download MagiskSU Manager APK file and install it.
  • This installation creates a boot image backup in image file/ data/ stock_boot<sha1>.img.gz.

magisk manager

How to uninstall MagiskSU

  • Visit our website and download MagiskSU Uninstaller.
  • Boot into TWRP Recovery.
  • Flash the uninstaller from TWRP Recovery mode.
  • This simple steps will remove installed the application.


  • This application is 100% open source and any developer can change the application using correct develop codes.
  • Allow managing Rooting, Upgrades, Installations.
  • The application can upgrade in-app mode.
  • Anable to hide the app from detecting.
  • Allows to modifying props in your handset.
  • Grants a bunch of system modifications over Systemless method.
  • Already grants several points to access the app developers.

Changes Log

  • The Symlinks changed to work as new files.
  • Fixed errors that arose when files or folders contain spaces.
  • Increased the communication with MagiskSU Manager APK.
  • Fixed all the errors with SU-Commands.
  • Added CN Option to Binary files.
  • Enhanced Super User login options.
  • Speed up the invocation.
  • Fixed all the bugs displayed in previous versions.
  • Repaired the black-screen issue of Flash Fire.
  • Able to work as an independent script.
  • Compatible with all modifications that need to use props even it has a null value.
  • Remove legacy setting hack for Tiback.

In all the ways the MagiskSU is the best and the superior application for all kind of flashing and Rooting manners. The MagiskSU will run subsequent updates in the future because of the Pseudo SELinux Enforce Mode. You have a pretty good chance to use this application on any Android smartphone. So if you need to admit with a rooting manner we recommend you to download MagiskSU Android application for make easy the flashing and the rooting procedure.