How To Root Android – Download Magisk to Acheive The Goal

how to root Android

Android rooting is one of burning desires that most of Android users try to fulfil. Android rooting is the one and only way to customize Android devices according to the users’ preferences. As you know, stock Android devices have been conquered by device manufacturers and network carries using software restriction on the device. It means you are not getting what you pay for. So, if you want to have the full freedom to use your Android device as you want, you need to shape your device as you want.

How To Shape Your Android Smartphone As You Prefer

You have to become the actual owner of your device If you want to shape your device as you want. You must have thought you are the owner of your device at the moment you brought your device from the market. But it is not the truth. Because you are only the physical owner of your device, not the actual user. You can check this out yourself by trying doing tasks such as uninstalling system apps and manufactures app.

If you are the actual owner of your device you must be able to uninstall them when you need. But you cannot do much more thing other than disabling them. So, how do you think you are the actual owner of your device. You have been tied and not allowed to behave as you want. If you need to break it you have to try root your device. It allows you to bypass the security layer between the system files and you to make changes that you want on your device. After getting access to system files you can change your device in appearance and functionality using the necessary apps and system commands.

What To Do After Rooting

After getting acess to system files which is commonly known as root acess, you become the superuser of your device. Generally, you can’t see the root directory unless you have not rooted your Android device. You can acess the root directory after rooting, using a specific file explorer for rooted Android device. However, do not change any of them as it may badly affect the functionality of your device.

If you change them you need advanced technical knowledge and most ofAndroid users are not experts at this level. But you can change your Android system using root apps that have been specially designed to customize the Android system. Here are the top changes you can make on your device after rooting.

  • You can uninstall useless system apps and manufacturer apps that eat your device space in vain
  • Allows you to flash a custom recovery through a custom recovery app
  • Allows you to install root apps such as lucky patcher, viper4Android, Greenify and many more
  • Install custom kernel manager to manage custom kernel
how to root Android

How To Root Android

This is one of the frequently discussed topics related to Android rooting as it is a little bit tricky question. Actually, this is a common problem which cannot be answered with a common answer. It means rooting method changes device to device and it is hard to find out a common rooting solution for all the devices. Basically, there are two rooting techniques as android exploits method and flashing root binaries. All the available rooting solutions are using one of these two techniques.

Most one-click rooting tools are based on Android exploit method and rooting programme such as Magisk, Odin, Supersu are based on root binary method. There are common criteria that you should check when you try to root your device. Basically, you must check the Android version, bootloader status, build number, software update status and model number of your device before selecting a rooting solution for your device. The higher the android version you are using goes the higher the root failures of one-click rooting tools go. So, flashing root binary is the ideal method to gain root acess if you are running on a higher version of Android

how to root Android

Magisk As A Rooting Solution

Most of Android users now pay their attention toward magisk as it is the one and only rooting solution which is updated frequently while providing essential features. Magisk is compatibility from Android 4.2 up to Android Nougat and provides lots of useful features. The most important feature of Magisk is its ability to bypass the security test such as google safety net while rooting your device.

How To Root With Magisk

  • Install TWRP custom recovery on your Android device
  • Download Magisk Zip file on your device from the XDA developers
  • Boot your device in to recovery mode
  • Tap on the install button and select the Zip file
  • Finally, flash the Zip file using the slider to root your device
  • Reboot the system

Note: Make sure to install Magisk Manager application to manage your rooted device

Wrapping Up

This is the recommended and common method to install Magisk on your device. But the process slightly varies for the latest Samsung devices running on Android Pie or higher and Huawei devices. Visit XDA developers if you have any complication