How To Root Android 9

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Android 9 which is commonly known as Android Pie was released publicly on August 6, 2018, and currently, 32.69% of Android devices run Pie while splashing the how to root Android 9. Here, we are going to discuss the most effective way to root Android Pie. Perhaps you may already know what I’m talking about or you may not know. However, it’s time to get a quick glance at Magisk, the most effective way to root Android Pie. A few years ago, One-click rooting tools played well at rooting which is not doing well on the latest Android versions

How To Root Android Using Magisk

Although Magisk seems to one term, there are two components hidden behind it as Magisk Manager and Magisk Zip file. Most of the times users get confused when trying to understand these two components separately. Let’s check what they are in brief.

  • Magisk Manager – Magisk Manager can be downloaded as an Android application and it manages the Magisk Framework. Also, users can install root binaries along with Magisk framework via the application though it’s not recommended
  • Magisk Zip File – The Magisk Zip file contains Magisk Framework, Root binaries and Magisk Manager. Users can have all of them after flashing the Zip file in TWRP custom recovery

Tips To Remember

  • Way of installing Magisk depends on the device you are using and the method included here is only compatible with TWRP custom recovery supported devices
  • Do not use this method on EMUI 8 and higher or Samsung new devices launched with Android 9.0 or higher
  • Android Pie devices come with A/B partitions and system-as-root. If you need to keep the partitions as they are without mixing recovery and boot images avoid this method
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Rooting Guide

  • Get a complete backup of your Android device
  • Download and Install TWRP relavant custom recovery image on your Android device
  • Download latest Magisk Zip file (v20.3) on your computer
  • Connect your device to your PC over a USB cable
  • Move the downloaded Zip file to the device’s internal storage
  • Use the OEM button combination and boot it to the TWRP recovery mode
  • In recovery mode, tap on “Install” icon and find the Magisk Zip file
  • Select the file and use ” Swipe to confirm flash” option to flash the Magisk Zip file to install Magisk Framework, Root binaries and Magis Manager APK
  • Finally, tap on “Reboot System” and check if Magisk Manager APK is available. If not, download and install it manually

Final Word

Magisk Manager plays a special role in Magisk rooted device and cannot gain maximum benefit of Magisk framework withou it. The application allows users to add modules to the Magisk framework to customize the Andorid system and provide features such as Magisk Hide to bypass the Google safetynet.