How To Root Android – An Overview To The Android Rooting

how to root Android

Android, the world most popular mobile operating system had achieved over two billion monthly active users as of mid-2017 and currently the play store features over 2.6 million apps demonstrating the existing higher demand for Android smartphones. On the other hand, the install base number of Android is higher than any other operating system which reflects the number of product or service which is actually beign used. Install base is a wider and complicated concept other than market share as it does not only focus on cumulative sales numbers. So, the higher the Android usage goes, the higher the demand for Android rooting goes. Because rooting is the process which allows Andorid users to expand stock Android capabilities.

What Is Android Rooting

In simple terms, Rooting allow normal users to run privileged commands for all the user-installed apps. Offically, regular users are not allowed to launch the user apps on the system as system apps or as a part of the Android system. That is why privileged commands are not available on stock Andorid operating system. So, in order to run privileged command, first, it should be installed on to the system which is often called “Android Rooting”. Since Android is based on a modified version of Linux, “Su” is the privileged command for Android. Su binary file is installed along with Superuser application during the rooting process (Superuser.apk) which is responsible to supervise the granting privileged control for an app.

Why Rooting

In brief, rooting allow users to change and modify both appearance and the default functionality of a stock Andorid smartphone using specific apps and configurations. Ex. An Andorid user is able to remove uninstallable system apps using the system app remover after rooting.

root Android

Why Rooting Tools

Rooting tools allow users to install the Su binary file very easily without using complicated Linux commands. Rooting tools are available under two methods as one-click and recovery method. When the associated process is considered, the recovery method is complicated than one-click tools but successful than one-click root. Whatever the tool, it should be picked up very carefully since the success or unsuccess of the whole rooting process depends on the fidelity of the tool you choose. In general, an appropriate rooting tool is chosen according to the Andorid version and the model of smartphone.

Final Word

Technically, rooting is beneficial but offically, rooting is unauthorized. So, it is going out on a limb. Make sure to find out the exact rooting method for your device and study it well before doing it practically.