How To Root Android And Customize Your Android Kernel

how to root android

Technically, the kernel is the core of an operating system and completely control everything in the system. The Android is based on Linux kernel and each Android smartphone uses its own version of Linux kernel. In simple words, Android Kernel is the programme which helps your device to respond to your requests. As an example, when you touch on the digitizer of your Android smartphone, the kernel informs the relavant software to open. Likewise, the kernel works for both software and hardware in both ways.

Actually, Kernel is the connecting programme between hardware and the software. The kernel responsible all the activities on your Android device including battery power, input/output requests from software, performance and translating input/output requests into data-processing instructions to send CPC and many more. Let’s get to know how to customize the stock Android kernel to get improved battery power and higher performance

How To Root Android

all the android smartphones are shipped with a stock kernel and users are not allowed to customize it. In order to customize it, you need to get access to Android system files which is restricted by default. The one and the only way to get them is rooting your Android device. Each device is different and different rooting method should be used. If you need further guidance on rooting, XDA developers would be the best place for it.

root android

How To Customize Your Android Kernel Using EX Kernel Manager

EX Kernel Manager is the most popular Kernel manager for stock Android kerenls. Actually, higher support to stock Android kernel is the top reason for this massive popularity. Generally, most of Kernel managers requires a custom kernel to customize the kernel settings. But EX Kernel Manager works almost all of the stock devices and kernels with root access. The app is available in Google Play store and it must be purchased.

What You Can Have Through EX Kernel Manager

  • DashBoard – Generally, we are not aware of anything related to kernel and also there is not a complete app on Android to provide such information to the users even though users need to know. The Dashboard features in EX Kernel Manager provide all the important facts such as current memory usage, battery level and temperature, real-time CPU and GPU frequencies, governors, and many more things
  • Battery Monitor – Provide informative statics for idle drain and active drain along with all other battery-related facts
  • CPU Settings – This feature allows you to create your own CPU governor profiles to extend battery power. You can adjust max and min frequency, CPU governor and boost, hotplugging, thermals and voltage using this feature.

Final Word

Some of the Advanced features in Ex kernel manager requires a custom kernel. If you get an intention to flash a custom kernel, make sure to get a complete back of your stock Android kernel as you cannot receive OTA updates when running on a custom kernel.