How To Root Android – Download And Install Kingroot App

Android rooting has become more and more popular since it allows users to take full control of their devices. Perhaps you may know that device manufacturers do not allow users to access the core part of the device operating system. The aim of denying access to the core of the system is to keep the device safe and acheive marketing goals. But, most of the users go beyond these restrictions using the rooting process and customize their devices as they want. But Android root is not recommended as an official technical task.

What Is Rooting And Its Features

There are several technical methods to root your Android device as flashing root packages which contain Su binary, using one-click rooting tools which use root exploit and using fastboot and ADB command. Currently, One-click rooting has become more popular and demanded due to its simplicity. Whatever the method, every rooting tool allows users to gain administrative privileges and make changes to the system by overcoming the software restrictions on the operating system. Android has been developed using a modified version of Linux kernel and rooting android is similar to gaining access to administrative permissions on Linux. The person who has administrative permissions on Linux is called as the superuser. This is a special user account that is used for system administration. According to the platform, the name of superusers access changes and on Android, it becomes root access. After gaining the root access, the user becomes a superuser and he has full control over the rooted Android device. The basic purposes of the rooting process are,

  • Delete unwanted system files and apps
  • Install Custom ROMs
  • Install apps that require root access
  • Flashing custom kernels to enhance the device performance and battery life
  • Change the device visually

One-Click Rooting Tools As Rooting Solutions

There are a number of one-click rooting tools available by now and some tools are specific to specific device brands and some tools are available for specific Android versions. Most of the one-click rooting tools are only compatible up to Android Lollipop while a few of them support up to Android Oreo and Pie. One-click rooting tools exploit one or more security vulnerability in the firmware and gain root access.

Kingroot As Your Rooting Solution

Kingroot is one of the popular and successful one-click rooting tool that comes in both APK and PC versions. Generally, Kingroot supports up to Android 2.2 to Android 6.1. But compatibility changes according to the PC version and APK version. Kingroot APK version support up to Android Lollipop and the PC version support up to Android Pie. Most of the time the PC version has higher success than the APK version. After rooting the device Kingroot install the Kinguser app to manage the root access on your device. The kingroot app comes as a freeware and it has a success rate higher than 60%.

Highly Supported Devices

Kingroot supports over 104136 models and the compatibility list contains highly compatible brands as LG, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Sony, Google and Micromax

Read Before Proceed

  • Rooting void your device warranty
  • You lose your root access if you uninstall the Kingroot
  • Kingroot install Purify and you can remove it if you do not want it
  • In case king root PC fails to root your device in the normal mode it may flash a third-party recovery on your device. Be aware of that
  • Google security check may prevent you from installing Kingroot. choose to “Install Anyway” or a relevant option to proceed

How To Use Kingroot APK On Your Android Device

1 Step – Prepare Your Device

Kingroot APK is a simple and powerful rooting tool which root your device faster than any other tool. Before download and install Kingroot APK on your device you have to enable the “Unknown Sources” from the device settings. Because Kingroot comes as a third-party app and it is not available on Google Play Store which means Android does not allow you to install it on your device as a regular app until you grant your permission. Go to Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Sources > Enable

2 Step – Charge Your Device

Your device needs at least up to 20% battery power before starting the rooting process. Your device may brick if it shuts down due to losing power when it is being rooted. Therefore make sure your device is running with enough power

3 Step – Download and Install Kingroot APK

Since Kingroot APK is a third-party application it may available on multiple sources. Download it form a reliable source and install it on your device

4 Step – Rooting Your Device Using Kingroot APK

Now, tap on the Kingroot icon and launch the application. Tap on the big “Root” to root your device. The whole process may take up to 2-3 minutes. Finally, you will see a big green tick with “Root Successfully” message. Then restart your device. Now, you have root access on your Android device.

Final Word

Kingroot is one of the faster and successful rooting tools which gives your root access faster than ever. whatever you are going to do with your device no matter if you have backed up your device. Because rooting may brick your device though it seems to be a simple task. You have to endure the risk of rooting to experience Android customization.