How To Root Android – Most Popular Root Android APKs

how to root Android

Android rooting the passage which opens the gate to the Android customization. As the name term ” Android customization” implies, you can modify your loving Andriod device to fit your individual preferences rather than adapting your device manufacturer’s preferences. Technically, Andoird rooting is a complex task and you need to consider so many technical aspects to proceed. But android root APKs have made the process a bit easier than usual though the method cannot be applied to every device. Here, you can find popular root Android APKs available by now in the Android community.


Currently, OneClickRoot APK has become one of the most popular and successful root APKs though it’s not available for free. The tool itself provides the chance for its users to check the root compatibility before using the tool and it’s been a great help to avoid bricking and software related issues. On the other hand, OneClickRoot root APK allows users to have root expert’s assistance to solve problems online and also to have remote root facility. Due to various and reasonable reasons, Onceclik root can be mentioned here as one of the reliable and effective rooting tools when compared to other rooting tools. You can check the tool on its official website and determine if it’s suitable for your device.


Kingo consists of a series of USB debugging tools including Kingo Android Root, Kingo Root APK and SuperUser management app. As of writing, the app is available in seven languages including English and download and usage is completely free and no hidden expenses. When compared other Root APKs, Kingoroot is more important as it comes its own “Remove Root” facility to unroot the device when needed without using other unrooting facilities.

root Android


Framaroot is one of competitive One click root APK which was presented by “Alephzaine” by a few years back. As it provides different exploits for different devices success rate is higher than other rooting methods. But unfortunately, the tool is not compatible with all of the devices. So, you need to check the compatibiliy list that has been provided by the developer himself before proceeding. However, if you dare to give it a try and running on Android 2 to 4, you can check the compatibility and also add it to the developer’s compatibility list.


So, I hope now you’ve got reasonable answers for your How To Root Android confusion and it would be some console to determine the appropriate rooting for your Android device.