How To Root Android – Root Apps You Must Try After Rooting

how to root Android

Android users are really keen on Android rooting due to various reasons. Basically, Android users try to root their device to use amazing root apps that cannot use without having root access. As you know, you cannot use apps that you want on your Android unless your device manufacturer approves it. Generally, your device can only launch apps that have been approved by both Google and the device manufacturer. But, perhaps you may have seen some apps in the Google play store require a rooted device to work although your device manufacturer has not granted permission to run such apps. So, you need to root your Android device to use such apps. Most of the root apps are really amazing as those apps can extend the stock Android capabilities

How To Root Android

This question is one of the most common Android related questions and simply the question can be answered as “root your device with a one-click rooting tool or use Magisk or SuperSU“. Although this is the simplest solution, it is hard to apply the solution at once on your Android. Because there are some technical factors that should take in to account before root your Android device. So, make sure to find out a proper rooting guide for your Android device to make your Android rooting attempt fruitful.

root Android

Popular Root Apps

  • Lucky Patcher – Lucky patcher works as a modifier app and it allows Android users to use premium apps for free. It helps Android users to get game resources for free and do many more things. It has been designed to bypass the Goggle Play store’s billing section to get apps for free
  • Quick Boot (Reboot) – Are you an enthusiastic Android user who always switch between recovery mode and normal mode for various reasons.? Then, you no longer want to use annoying hardware keys to switch between Android modes. After rooting your Android device, you can download Quick Boot app and reboot your device in to normal mode, recovery mode and bootloader mode easily
  • System App Remover – According to the rooting intentions, it seems that most of Android users prefer to root their Android smartphones to delete the system apps on their devices. Officially, you devise manufacturer has placed them on your device and you have no authority to remove them unless you have rooted your device. After rooting, you can delete bothersome system apps forever using System App Remover which is one of the popular root apps.

Final Word

Root apps are really useful and those apps allow you to make your device more user-friendly and simpler. In addition to apps mentioned here, there are lots of root apps that can make your device awesome than now. However, root apps are launched as a part of your Android system, be careful before using a root app.