How To Root Android – What Is Odin Root

Are you looking forward to rooting your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and are you thinking of what rooting tool to use? Then, Odin root would be the best answer for you. Actually, Odin root is not an official rooting solution, but it has some sort of official touch. Let’s get to know about Odin root which is the best rooting solution for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

What Is Android Rooting

In simple terms, Android rooting is the process you must follow to get administrative privileges of your Android device. Officially, your device manufacturer works as the administrator of your device. As a result of this, you are considered as a normal user and you are granted limited permission to do certain things. In order to transfer normal user to superuser, Android rooting is essential. When you root your device, technically, you replace the Su binary file on your system which was previously absent. It simply allows normal user to become Superuser when running without any specific commands.

Odin Root Explained

Obviously, there is no specific rooting solution named Odin root. It is a combined rooting solution which consists of official and non-official software. Here, the rooting process is done by Odin which is the official flashing Samsung software and the rooting solution is developed by a third-party developer. Currently, CF-AutoRoot is the one and only Odin compatible rooting solution which is developed by Chainfire. You can read and practice Odin root with a complete guide here.

Adverse Effects Of Rooting

The security parameters for Samsung Galaxy smartphone has been more complicated with the presence of Samsung Knox warranty as no one can replace the triggered Knox warranty at the moment after rooting. It allows the Smasung service centre to determine the status of your stock Android framework and most probably, your software warranty may cancel in serious cases followed by rooting.