How To Root Android – What Is The Importance Of Root Checker In Android Rooting

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Actually, “How To Root Android” appears to be really simple and can be answered quickly. Yes, it is if we have proper guidance plus some technical knowledge. But the actual battle begins after the rooting, not before the rooting. Because there are many things you must do after rooting your Android. Among them, verifying the root acess takes a special place as you cannot perform any rooting feature without getting to know if you exactly have the root access or not. Let’s see what you can do to check if your device rooted or not

How To Root Android

The questions “How To Root Android ” is like an iceberg. The iceberg is something big but seems to really small at a glance. Likewise, How to Android question also seems to be small but covers a vast area of technical stuff. So, it is a useless attempt to try to give an exact answer to the question within this small space. If you a completely newbies to the rooting world, click here to get to know about rooting.

What Happen When Rooting

The rooting method differs from device to device, but the rooting mechanism lying under each rooting tool is the same. Technically, all the rooting solutions install Su binary file on your device to get the permission to access the system files. It helps you to launch the app that are not allowed by your device manufacturer on your device.

how to root Android

 What Is Root Checker

After rooting your device, you have two methods to have it verified. The first method is using a root app and the other is running the root checker app. Root checker app is available in the Google play store for free and works faster. It exactly verifies if you have permission to access the system files or not.

Root Checker Features

  • Comes with simple user-interface
  • Works faster and available for free
  • Frequent developer support
  • Supports overĀ  50 million Android devices
  • Checks the location and proper functions of Su binary
  • Newbies – friendly
  • Corporate well with SuperSU and Superuser etc.

Some Android users are really smart and know how to deal with Android rooting and rooted Android smartphones. So, they may feel the whole rooting process really simple. But users who are not still much aware of Android rooting may feel the whole rooting process is complex in general. Such users, root checker gives a good help hand at the point of verifying the root access.

Final Word

After rooting, make sure to get verified if your device is rooted properly and the Su binary is functioning 100%. If you move further to perform advanced rooting tasks assuming you have proper root access, your device will be unable to tolerate them if the Su binary is not functioning properly. So, make sure to get the root access verification before using your rooted device for any purpose.