How To Root Android With PC – Simply Explained

how to root android

Android Rooting has become one of the competitive and beneficial technical tasks as it offers the chance for Android users to expand the existing Android capabilities of their Android devices. Offically, all the Android smartphones come with default software restrictions and the purpose of this software restrictions is protecting the device, device’s firmware and users’ data. However, only a few numbers of users still prefer thses default protection. Most of Android users try to go beyond the default protection using Android root and experince the real possibilities of the Android.

How To Root Android

Literally, rooting means the beginning of something. In Android, rooting refers to the mechanism which is followed by Android users to access the beginning of the Android file system. Technically, Android file system has been designed to occupy a single root file system and users who has access to the root can change the entire Android file system without any limitation. Systemically, An Android user can acess the root file by running the SU command. Actually, running the Su command on an Android smartphone can be pointed out as rooting Android.

root android with PC

How To Root Android With PC

In this method, updated firmware with Su binary is flashed on the Android device after flashing the compatible TWRP recovery image on the device. Although this is methods is called PC method, PC is only needed to flash the custom recovery, not to root the device. As an Android device refuses to accept the unofficially updated firmware images when it is running on stock recovery, flashing a custom recovery takes an important place here. Technically, Root Android With PC method is more successful in contrast to the one-click method as it applies the updated firmware empowered with Su binary to gain the root access. Currenlty, Magisk root is the one and only genuine root method which supports PC methods as Chainfire’s SuperSU method has been abandoned by its developer.


Android rooting one of most beneficial but dangerous technical which helps you to experince a new shape and new tase of your existing Android firmware. However, primarily you need to aware of your device’s software warranty and how much it is worth for you before think about rooting as it is one of the leading causes which can cancel your software warranty. In case you feel it is better to be covered with default software warranty, stay away from rooting as it is the first step to third-party Andoird customizations.