How To Root Android Without Computer

how to root Android

Most of the times noob Android users get terrified when discussing the rooting matter as it seems to be confusing and complicated. We cannot opt that rooting is not complicated at once. But, anyone can proceed without any fear if properly guided. Here, you will be able to learn how to root Android without a computer which is the most simple way to root an Android device. However, you need to have an overall rooting knowledge before proceeding as it may be important to solve the complications you may have to face when performing the process

How To Root Android & Methods

You have to get to know what is rooting simply if you aren’t familiar with it much. In simple terms, the basic purpose of rooting is to avoid the default software restrictions laid on your Android smartphone. Perhaps, you may be wondering how default software restrictions can be avoided if those have been configured officially. Rooting is something simple if you got to know what it exactly is. Technically, the rooting process replaces the binary file which has been removed by the device manufacturer to keep you away from accessing the topmost Android system files.

How To Root Android Without Computer

Although the computer method is the recommended method to root an Android device, root lovers prefer to do it without using a computer as it is easier and doesn’t require more knowledge to initiate. However, you need to use the computer method if your device is said to be hard to root. Some of the Android smartphone brands such as Vivo & HTC need the expertise to root and you must be very careful in such cases.

Samsung, Lenovo, Micromax, LG smartphones are said to be easy to root. You can follow the One-Click root method which is also known as root Android APK method for these devices and no need for a computer. But, you have to maintain a strong and stable internet connection while rooting your device using a root Android APK as the relevant APK runs several root scripts occasionally to grant the root access for you on your device. In case, you lose the network connection, the whole process may end up with a negative result and your device may be damaged by the complication


Rooting is a simple but effective technical process and it can grant you the full authority of your device which has currenlty been granted partially. Although the process said to be simple, it may be complicated if you don’t have enough knowledge to process and handle the rooted device. So, gain the knowledge first and gain the resulting second.