Odin download – Flash Android Oreo

Users with Samsung smart handsets are lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive utility call Odin download. It is one of famed flashing tools in the market specifically introduced for Samsung Smartphone and Tablet replicas. Apart from flash, there are several other special movements as well that you can count by going deeper. However, it has been recently settled an edition with the support of Android 8.0. So our narration today will cover the story you desired most since far. Those fellows looking for the best application that lets them modify the entire system of the device better check this out. If you missed version 3.13.1 here is the complete guide.

odin download

Odin download latest version to flash Oreo

Android Oreo is an interesting ROM kit to be flashed. But as often, most of the users needed to start go through Oreo through they yet to reach OTA updates. And even flash with a ROM package will safely set you on an advanced level devoid of those often troubles you have to face behind over the air updates.

However, thanks to the most recent version of tool Odin, we could simply do the flashing process to set up Oreo. And even you can even go through a Mac OS X machine either. Moreover, all these perfect dealings can even set over S8 and S8 Edge devices too.

How to flash Oreo with Odin download?

Here is the complete guide to flash Android Oreo on your beloved Samsung Smartphone. Follow each step carefully to accomplish thriving results.


  • Open the device settings panel and check the device model number
  • And then download a ROM package in accordance with the handset model number
  • Download Odin 3.13.1 as the latest edition for free
  • Unzip both files you downloaded during the last two steps
  • Turn off the handset then and put into download mode

How to?

odin download

  • Run Odin tool and start the procedure
  • You can connect the handset to the computer right away
  • The user interface should show “ADDED” in the log section
  • So just go to the buttons section of the UI and click the AP switch in it
  • Using it, you can bring the firmware file available in tar format. Just enter files that you have to set there
  • And after each arrangement, click the start button right away

It will commence the procedure and end within a few minutes. Keep your eyes on the interface as it should display PASS! when the process finished with a successful result. And then you can remove it from the cable to check out its performance that modified during the process.

 Troubleshooting tips

  • Make certain that you have been installed USB drivers to the computer
  • USB drivers must confirm as the latest version
  • Check the port that you are going to connect the cable during the procedure
  • And even the cable should be suitably connectable
  • The Odin version should be 3.13.1 as it is the edition that can support to flash Android 8.0
  • Restart the PC if anything goes wrong before starting the process back