Root HTC One M8

HTC one Root can install costom rom, and you can run HTC One root M8 apps, under volt or overclock the processor and remove all bloatware carrier put on the phone. XDA developers developed htc one root. XDA developers called Hasoon2000 has created automating great toolkit. install the drivers, open the door to an entirely and click a few times in the toolkit and few settings change on the phone. you can lean read this post how to root htc one step by steps guide and root M8 video guide. you can root with CF-Auto-RootsuperoneclickOdin v 3.09, and  vroot more tools direct download and step by step guides and video guides in our site.

Root htc one m8

Root htc one m8

HTC one root M8 step by step guide

  • You need a computer running windows operating system and htc one root only work on windows OS.
  • Next go to settings on your htc one M8, go battery manager and turn off thr fastboot. pathSettings > Battery Manager > Turn OFF Fastboot.
  • Download latest developer’s toolkit and save in your windows computer.
  • Extract you download file and click One M8 .exe file.
  • Select Download HTC Drivers and click Go button
  • Next Register on HTCDev and check you email and conform registration.
  • Go your phone settings, go Software Information and More Keep tapping on your Build Number until and it says you are a developer.
  • turn on your USB Debugging.
  • Plug in your HTC M8 device to your computer via USB cable and Select Always allow button on your HTC m8 device and tap OK.
  • After select Get Token ID and click Go button.
  • Close first command prompt Fastboot mode when your device shows.
  • Copy all from and including <Identifier Token Start > to < Identifier Token End > and save it somewhere on your computer.
  • Now select Submit Token ID and click go button.
  • log in HTC Dev site appears site and show you Unlock Bootloader click on.
  • Select your htc M8 device in unlock bootloader and click Begin Unlock Bootloader button.
  • Skip all steps to click next, until get to the part where input the token ID.
  • Enter your token ID we copied earlier and click Continue.
  • Save Unlock_Code.bin file your receive by email to desktop.
  • Now Select Unlock Bootloader click go button and select Unlock_Code.bin file and click ok button.
  • Use volume buttons to select yes and power button prompted by your device.
  • Go to the settings, go about, go Software Information, go More and go Keep tapping on Build Number to Re enable USB Debugging.
  • After Go to Settings, go Developer Options, select Turn USB Debugging On.
  • Select the recovery for your htc m8 device and click Go button.
  • Close the command prompt when your htc m8 device shows Fastboot mode.
  • After second command prompt when says command prompt finished.
  • Highlight Reboot to use volume buttons and push the power button on your HTC M8 device.
  • Select Perm Root Extras and click Run to root one htc.
  • command prompt Close the first. after command prompt shows you something transferred.
  • Open Install in recovery mode, open the file and Swipe to install it.
  • Reboot system htc one root complete and Now you can see your HTC M8 home screen SuperSU app.
  • htc one rooting are now finished.

htc one root video guide – root one M8

Superoneclick Download for Root Android devices

Superoneclick is simple rooting tool in android phone. you can almost root any android phones and any android versions in superoneclick (including the i9000/Droid/Nexus One/etc). it’s easy to root android phone and you can lean how to root android phone in superoneclick download. step by step superoneclick rooting  guide and download superoneclick rooting video guide you can see in this post. you can root with HTC One root M8CF-Auto-RootOdin v 3.09, and  vroot more tools direct download and step by step guides and video guides in our site

Download superoneclick latest version 2.3.3

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superoneclick download

superoneclick root step by step guide

  • Download superoneclick 2.3.3 latest version in your computer.
  • Right click and extract superonrclick root app.
  • Right click superoneclick exe file click “Run as administrator“.
  • Before you connect your device, you will need to on USB debugging mode, need to install your android phone drivers to your computer and make sure remove the SD card.
  • Now connect your android device to computer USB cable
  • Click Root button “root” your android phone.
  • After few minutes ago your phone will complete rooting.
  • Root superoneclick now complete. you can see your android home screen “Super user” icon.

superoneclick root video guide

Odin Download 3.09 – Samsung Odin download with ROM Flashing Tool

Odin 3.09 is the Samsug ROM flashing tool for android smart phone and tablets devices. samsung galaxy note and samsung galaxy s4 including etc. new odin have new features. improvements and bug fixes,  stock images and custom ROMs for Samsung devices. now you can download odin our site directly. you can root with HTC One root M8superoneclick, CF-Auto-Root, and  vroot more tools direct download and step by step guides and video guides in our site.

odin download

odin download

download odin v3.09

download odin v3.09


download odin v3.07

 Samsung Odin system Requirements – download latest Odin

  • You need a ruining Windows operating system computer.
  • Samsung latest USB drivers.
  • ADB & FASTBOOT TOOLS for your samsung device
  • Android USB cable – connect your android device to the computer.

odin (1)

Samsung odin download video guide and step by step guide

  • Download samsung odin on your computer(Samsung odin
  • Connect your samsung android device to your computer via USB cable.
  • Off your android device and turn on after 30 second’s.
  • After open samsung odin download your computer and install it.
  • Now click “Auto reboot” and “PIT” (another file downloading option on android odin)
  • After select “PIT” click start button and finish odin rooting process, your samsung android device reboot automatically.

Samsung Odin Important things

  • Backup your android device (Don’t forget it)
  • Before you starting flashing please find the right tutorial.
  • Download odin latest version and download correct version.
  • Install the Latest Samsung USB Driver.
  • Confirm and download Custom ROM with your device.

Samsung Odin Download FAQs.

  • Q – Can i download Samsung Odin totally free ?
  • A – Yes. you can odin download is totally free app.
  • Q – What are the file extensions support odin download tool ?
  • A – .tar/ .md5 file extensions has support odin download tool.
  • Q – Dose odin tool support (.zip) extensions ?
  • A – No.(.zip) extensions dose not support.
  • Q – Am i have expert knowledge working with samsung odin tool ?
  • A – No. You can easy steps working with odin. you don’t have expert knowledge for samsung odin
  • Q – (PIT) what is this ?
  • A – PIT is download file another option for odin tool.

vRoot download for root any Android device

Vroot application is compatible in windows. vroot download helps root any android phone in single click. it is very easy to use and download vroot app compatible with 8000 kind of newest versions Android devices. vroot is more effective, easier and faster. you can root with HTC One root M8CF-Auto-RootOdin v 3.09, and CF-Auto-Root more tools direct download and step by step guides and video guides in our site.

vRoot download

vroot download

download vRoot

download vroot Compatible Operating system

  • 2.2 – Froyo
  • 2.3 – Gingerbread
  • 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4.2 – Jelly Bean

vroot download System requirements

  1. Working Windows PC or lap
  2. USB cable – connect your android device to PC
  3. Charge your android phone battery to at least 50%

How to root any android device with VRoot – Step by step guide

  • You need backup in your android phone before Vroot process.
  •  vRoot tool download our download link and install. NOTE – install the VRoot english version-Non chines.
  • Vroot app open your computer.
  • Connect your android phone your computer.
  • After click Root button start the rooting process.
  • Your phone reboot automatically after end rooting process and conform by vRoot software.

Root any device for vRoot download – video