How To Download Freedom APK To Get Games In-App Purchases For Free

Hello, Android games lovers, here you have great news which can make your mind full of happiness. Have you ever thought to play paid games on your Android for free withou paying money? Have you tried to do so and no result yet. If so here is Freedom APK for you. Freedom APK allows you to have in-app purchases and premium features for free. It is amazing. Isn’t it? As you know, most of the attractive and adventures features in games are available only for money. It is hard to pay for every game you love. Now, you can play almost all of the paid games features for free with Freedom APK download.

Freedom APK Download

Freedom APK allows users to enjoy the paid games features for free by patching them. As you know, patching a game is not as easy as we think. But Freedom APK allows you to do it in a single click. This app has been specially designed to hack video games and get coins, gems to play the full game. So, if you have an idea to play your favourite game until it ends and you do not have to pay for it Freedom Apk is there for you. Unfortunately, you cannot download Freedom APK on your Android device without rooting it. The key requirements for Freedom APK is a rooted Android device.

Features Of Freedom APK

  • Compatible with most of the Android versions
  • Stable on latest Android firmware
  • Fewer bugs issues
  • Regular updates
  • Improved interface and functionality
  • Cracks all the Android video games
  • Allows to have all the premium features for free

Freedom APK And Root Acess

Freedom APK has especially been designed for hacking and other illegal tasks and its need root access. As you know, you cannot alter your device operating system as you want until it is rooted. Freedom apk needs root access to access into your system and patch the game you are going to play for free. So, first of all, you have to root your device in order to use Freedom APK on your device. If you try to install Freedom APK on your device without rooting it you will be prompted as “Root access is required to use Freedom”

System Requirments

  • Android 2.3 or higher Android version
  • Rooted Android phone
  • 512 MB RAM and 100 MB free internal storage

How To Install Freedom APK On Your Android Smartphone

Freedom APK is lightweight and you can simply install it on your device. It cracks the license verification and by-pass the app purchases and allows users to have unlimited coins, gems and points to reach the final level of the game for free. Being a hacking app, Freedom APK is not available in Google Play Store and it will not come into the Play store. The app is available in third-party download sources and you can download it from a trusted source.

  • 1 Step – As you are going to download Freedom APK from a third-party source you need to “Enable Unknown Sources” from the device settings. Go to Settings >Security > Enable “Unknown Sources” by checking the checkbox
  • 2 Step – Next, download Freedom APK on your Android device
  • 3 Step – Open the Freedom APK and Tap on “Install” button to install the application.
  • 4 Step – Grant “Root Access” when required

How To Buy Any Game For Free Using Freedom APK

  • 1 Step – You cannot open the as soon as you installed since you need to change the time zone settings to Moscow. Change the Time Zone to Moscow from device Date and Time settings
  • 2 Step – Tap on Freedom APK and select the game you want to make in-app purchases
  • 3 Step – Then, the game will be opened and you can select your choice. You can buy diamonds, points or coins. Just click on the buying options and freedom will make payments for it
  • 4 Step – Hurray! Now, you can play the game until it ends

As you have changed the time zone you may face the problem when trying to use the Google play store. Make sure to change the fake time zone to the actual time zone before using the Play store. If you are unable to change the time zone as usual try the following method

  • 1 Step – Download a Root Explorer
  • 2 Step – Get to Root > Etc Folder
  • 3 Step – Find the ‘hosts’ file and delete it
  • 4 Step – Go to Settings > Apps > Play Store and select “Uninstall updates” to uninstall the updates
  • 5 Step – Reboot your device

Final Word

Freedom APK is a great and awesome app for Android video game lovers. It patches the game you love using a hacked card and it is used to get the in-app purchases. Download an install Freedom APK properly and enjoy the game you want for free.

How To Root Android – Download And Install Kingroot App

Android rooting has become more and more popular since it allows users to take full control of their devices. Perhaps you may know that device manufacturers do not allow users to access the core part of the device operating system. The aim of denying access to the core of the system is to keep the device safe and acheive marketing goals. But, most of the users go beyond these restrictions using the rooting process and customize their devices as they want. But Android root is not recommended as an official technical task.

What Is Rooting And Its Features

There are several technical methods to root your Android device as flashing root packages which contain Su binary, using one-click rooting tools which use root exploit and using fastboot and ADB command. Currently, One-click rooting has become more popular and demanded due to its simplicity. Whatever the method, every rooting tool allows users to gain administrative privileges and make changes to the system by overcoming the software restrictions on the operating system. Android has been developed using a modified version of Linux kernel and rooting android is similar to gaining access to administrative permissions on Linux. The person who has administrative permissions on Linux is called as the superuser. This is a special user account that is used for system administration. According to the platform, the name of superusers access changes and on Android, it becomes root access. After gaining the root access, the user becomes a superuser and he has full control over the rooted Android device. The basic purposes of the rooting process are,

  • Delete unwanted system files and apps
  • Install Custom ROMs
  • Install apps that require root access
  • Flashing custom kernels to enhance the device performance and battery life
  • Change the device visually

One-Click Rooting Tools As Rooting Solutions

There are a number of one-click rooting tools available by now and some tools are specific to specific device brands and some tools are available for specific Android versions. Most of the one-click rooting tools are only compatible up to Android Lollipop while a few of them support up to Android Oreo and Pie. One-click rooting tools exploit one or more security vulnerability in the firmware and gain root access.

Kingroot As Your Rooting Solution

Kingroot is one of the popular and successful one-click rooting tool that comes in both APK and PC versions. Generally, Kingroot supports up to Android 2.2 to Android 6.1. But compatibility changes according to the PC version and APK version. Kingroot APK version support up to Android Lollipop and the PC version support up to Android Pie. Most of the time the PC version has higher success than the APK version. After rooting the device Kingroot install the Kinguser app to manage the root access on your device. The kingroot app comes as a freeware and it has a success rate higher than 60%.

Highly Supported Devices

Kingroot supports over 104136 models and the compatibility list contains highly compatible brands as LG, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Sony, Google and Micromax

Read Before Proceed

  • Rooting void your device warranty
  • You lose your root access if you uninstall the Kingroot
  • Kingroot install Purify and you can remove it if you do not want it
  • In case king root PC fails to root your device in the normal mode it may flash a third-party recovery on your device. Be aware of that
  • Google security check may prevent you from installing Kingroot. choose to “Install Anyway” or a relevant option to proceed

How To Use Kingroot APK On Your Android Device

1 Step – Prepare Your Device

Kingroot APK is a simple and powerful rooting tool which root your device faster than any other tool. Before download and install Kingroot APK on your device you have to enable the “Unknown Sources” from the device settings. Because Kingroot comes as a third-party app and it is not available on Google Play Store which means Android does not allow you to install it on your device as a regular app until you grant your permission. Go to Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Sources > Enable

2 Step – Charge Your Device

Your device needs at least up to 20% battery power before starting the rooting process. Your device may brick if it shuts down due to losing power when it is being rooted. Therefore make sure your device is running with enough power

3 Step – Download and Install Kingroot APK

Since Kingroot APK is a third-party application it may available on multiple sources. Download it form a reliable source and install it on your device

4 Step – Rooting Your Device Using Kingroot APK

Now, tap on the Kingroot icon and launch the application. Tap on the big “Root” to root your device. The whole process may take up to 2-3 minutes. Finally, you will see a big green tick with “Root Successfully” message. Then restart your device. Now, you have root access on your Android device.

Final Word

Kingroot is one of the faster and successful rooting tools which gives your root access faster than ever. whatever you are going to do with your device no matter if you have backed up your device. Because rooting may brick your device though it seems to be a simple task. You have to endure the risk of rooting to experience Android customization.

Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool – Flash Any Amlogic Tablet Computer

Amlogic is one of competitive American Technology company that produces SoC (System on Chip) integrated circuits. The company provides its products worldwide but the main target land is China. Almogic uses the ARM architecture under ARM licences. They are specialized in producing SoC for Tablet computers, TVs, Media players, Smart speakers and audio applications, media dongles, smart TVs and projectors. MediaTek, Rockchip, Intel and Realtek are the chipset manufacturers who compete with Amlogic. As MTK flash tool, Amlogic USB Burning Tool is the official tool to flash stock firmware on devices which are powered by Amlogic chipsets.

Amlogic USB Burning Tool Features

  • Installer – Amlogic USB Burning Tool comes as a Windows-based application and it holds an interface as a Windows application. The interface is simple and only comes with a few navigations. The programme can be installed on your Windows computer following simple steps
  • Flash Firmware – The one and only purpose of the Amlogic USB Burning Tool to flash stock firmware on mobile devices which are running on Amlogic chipsets. Flashing process is very simple and only requires the accurate stock firmware and few clicks.
  • Configurations – Offers several configurations as Erase Flash, Erase bootloader, Reset after success and overwrite key. You can choose one of the configurations according to your flashing need. Under Erase Flash option you can have four options as Normal Erase, Erase All, Force Erase and Force Erase all. You can select one of them according to the way you hope to erase personal data on your device.
  • Languages – You can change the language of the programme using the “Language” tab appears on the top of the interface. It offers English and Chinese Language
  • Re-arrange the Interface – You can change the appearance of the Amlogic USB Burning Tool to some extent using the View >> Select. It allows you to adjust the main grid on the interface letting you choose the options you want.

System Requirments

  • A tablet computer powered by Amlogic Chipset
  • A Windows computer (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10)
  • Latest Amlogic USB drivers
  • .img based Amlogic stock firmware file
  • A compatible USB cable
  • Latest Amlogic USB burning tool

How To Use Amlogic USB Burning Tool

1 Step – Download Almogic USB drivers and Install

You have to download the latest Almogic USB drivers and install them on your Windows computer in order to establish a proper connection between your tablet computer and the Windows computer. Make sure to restart your computer after downloading and installing the relevant drivers. If you have installed the required drivers already now, skip this step.

2 Step – Download and Install Amlogic USB Burning Tool

Download the Amlogic USB Burning Tool on your Windows computer and extract the tool on your computer. After extracting you will get several files along with Amlogic USB Burning Tool.exe

3 Step – Installing Amlogic USB Burning Tool

Run the Amlogic USB Burning Tool.exe file to install the application on your computer. Once you have completed the installation process launch the application. You will see the home page of the tool with File, Language, View and About tabs

4 Step – Locate The Amlogic Firmware

On the Homepage, click on “File” tab and select “Import image”.Then, it will open a Window. Find and select the Amlogic firmware file you have, click “Open” to locate the firmware file

5 Step – Initializing the Flashing process

After locating the firmware file, click on the “Start” button

6 Step – Connecting the Amlogic Tablet Computer

Boot your device into recovery mode using the relevant button combination. After booting into recovery mode, connect it to the computer using the USB cable.

7 Step – Verifying the connection between the computer and the Tablet computer

As soon as you connected the device, the flashing tool will show you the “Connect Sucess” message under the “Device Name” column. It means the programme has identified your device properly.

8 Step – Start the Flashing Process

Amlogic USB Burning Tool will start to flash your device as soon as your device is detected. You can see the progress of the process under the “Status” portion in purple colour. it will show you the completed percentage of the process.

9 Step – Complete the Flashing process

When percentage reaches 100% you will get a message as “100% burning successfully” in the status bar

10 Step – Disconnect Your Device

Now, disconnect your tablet computer.Restart your device to finalize the flashing process

Note: You can use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool for any device that is powered by Amlogic chipsets.

Final Word

Amlogic USB Burning Tool is developed by Amlogic company and all the credit and compliments belong to them for creating the tool and distributing it for free. You can use the tool to avoid bricking issues on Amlogic mobile dives and flashing the latest firmware on them.

Everything new behind Odin 3.13.1 download

There are numerous flashing tools on the web for different device models that we have to find out accurately. When you are a Samsung user, you have to navigate to Odin 3.13.1 download as it is the recommended utility for Samsung Android handsets. So there are a couple of points to think through from then as follow. Here we go.

odin 3.13.1

Odin 3.13.1 download with new features

As the most recent release of Samsung Inc, there are a few things to consider. Those who were searching for a complete application for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, can now request 3.13.1 on their desktop. When there were Oreo ROM kits and you were looking for Odin to become compatible, the same version brought the applicability. Moreover, unlike previous releases, the hottest became both Windows and Mac compatible utility. In addition, there are several enhancements and fixes as well that made the utility a better one from the previous.

Flash with Odin 3.13.1 download

Flash using Odin is easy when you know every single thing of the procedure. You have to set up the application on your desktop according to accurate instructions. And then the device should put into Odin mode which we call download mode as well to connect to the computer with a proper USB cable. After that, browse the respective tar file and flash the device right away. When you find out a firmware it should be able to turn into a tar. Even there are zip extensions, you cannot set them since Odin cannot read zip files. Moreover, the computer you arranged should contain recent package of USB drivers. If not, the handset will not detect as it should be.

Important facts

When you are ready to flash your handset, you have to make sure that Odin capable to support you and even there you have suitable ROM files as well. When it is bout stock firmware, there is no doubt that everyone knows to navigate to Sammobile webpage. But for the most part, custom firmware come as zip extensions that you cannot set through the tool. Therefore, be careful of whatever you are going to do then. Either a kernel or a firmware, it must find out as a tar. When you turn for rooting, you can find out respective files from CF auto root.

odin 3.13.1

Final words

When you are with a software troubled Samsung smartphone or a Tablet, you can download Odin tool and resolve it right away. Since the tool is freeware, you do not have to bring the device to a service center and waste money for whatever reason. If you are with an older device model, you can find out a well-applicable tool version. But when the handset is new, first of all you should make sure that the current tool version capable to support you properly. However, at this moment, you can find out the version 3.13.1 as the latest from web. It supports S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Edge when they got applicable tar based ROMs and kernels.

How To Flash Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Using Samsung Odin

samsung Odin

Samsung Odin is the most trusted and popular flashing utility for Samsung smartphones. Users flash their Android smartphones due to various reasons. As you know you can flash either a stock ROM or a custom ROM through the Android flashing process. There are both advantages and disadvantages in the flashing process. However, users are very interested in flashing and try various flashing tools to acquire the flashing result. There are several flashing utilities that claims bests result for specific smartphones brands. Among them, Samsung Odin is specific for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin is one of the official programmes that Samsung has been recommended for users to flash the device firmware under Samsung Knox Standard SDK. Knox Standard SDK allows users to access a comprehensive collection of Mobile Device Management (MDM) features over 1100 API methods. It helps users to touch the hard policies of the company by controlling the device. Samsung has not revealed the official version of Samsung Odin yet. But the programme is available in a number of third-party sources.

Samsung Odin Features

The key purpose of Samsung Odin is to act as engineering firmware to flash stock firmware (.tar or .tar.md5 extensions)on Samsung Galaxy smartphones when they are bricked or stuck. In addition to the key purpose, users can use the programme for the following purposes.

  • Custom firmware flashing
  • Stock recovery flashing
  • Custom recovery flashing
  • Kernel flashing
  • Root packages flashing

You can only use the programme to flash files in .tar or .tar.md5 extensions


The programme is only compatible with Windows platforms. But you can execute the programme on the MacOS using Wineskin which comes from Wine authors. Wineskin is an open-source compatibility layer which comes as freeware to run the programme on Unix-like operating systems which has been designed to run on Microsoft Windows.

Quick Glance At Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the most popular and attractive smartphones. Samsung released it in March 2018 with 5 versions including attractive hardware and software features. It supports Android Oreo to Android Pie and running on Exynos ( international version) and Qualcomm Snapdragon ( American and Chinese versions) chipsets.

latest samsung Odin

Download Samsung Odin

There are several versions of Samsung Odin available by now including patched versions. Samsung Odin v3.13.1 is the official latest version of the programme. It supports firmware files compressed in lz4 binaries which means you can use the programme for almost all of latest Smasung Galaxy devices


  • A Windows computer
  • A compatible USB cable
  • Download and Install the latest Samsung USB drivers on your computer and reboot your computer
  • Download the latest Samsung Odin programme on your Windows computer and execute the programme
  • Get the accurate firmware file for your device considering the CSC code and extract the file. There must be one or five files in .tar or .tar.md5 extensions after extraction the firmware file
  • Close the Samsung Kies if it is running in the background
  • Sufficient battery charge
  • Enable USB debugging mode

Enable Android USB Mode

It is compulsory enabling Android Debugging mode in your smartphone since you are going to change the Android system using a computer. Your device cannot accept the data and commands comes from the computer unless you have not enabled it

  • Go to Settings >> About Device >> Tap on Build number 7 times
  • Go back to Settings >> Developer Options >>Turn on USB debugging


You may find some button on the Odin interface after launching the programme. Each button denotes names as follows. You have to use the respective button to load the respective file. Each firmware file begins with exactly the same shortcode of each button.

  • AP – Android Partition
  • BL – Boot Loader
  • CP – Modem
  • CSC – Customer/Country specification code
download Samsung Odin

How To Flash Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Using Samsung Odin

  • 1 Step – Launch Samsung Odin programme
  • 2 Step – Enable “Download Mode” by pressing and holding Bixby +Power+ Volume down buttons. Release the button combination when you see the warning screen and press Volume Up button to access the Download mode
  • 3 Step – Connect your smartphone to the computer
  • 4 Step – Then, the Odin will recognize your device automatically and indicate the connection in ID: COM area. Generally, ID: COM area turns in to blue when your device is connected. If not Odin has not identified your device. Check again
  • 5 Step – If you have got one firmware file after extraction the firmware zip file click “AP” button and add it to the relevant field. If you have got five files, click AP, BL, CP and CSC button and load the relevant firmware file

Note: When loading the CSC file make sure to load HOME_CSC file if you are installing exactly the same firmware of the same country. Then, your data will remain as they are even after flashing the device. If you need a clean installation, choose CSC file instead of HOME_CSC file

  • 6 Step – Go to the options tab and check Auto Reboot and F.Reset options. Those options must have been checked by default
  • 7 Step – After double checking all requirements, click the “Start” button to start the flashing process

The flashing process may take about 8-10 minutes and your device will reboot at the end of the process. Also, you will be able to see the progress of the flashing process through the progress bar on the Odin interface. It will show you a”Pass” message when it reaches 100%

Samsung Odin – Guide to flash your Android

We brought here a good topic once more for Samsung Android users. Those who need to resolve or go forward through the operation system of the handset can use Samsung Odin as the only supporter which even suggest by Samsung Inc. Nevertheless, today we are going to let you know how it supports and perform. Moreover, those who missed directions about the most recent release 3.13.1 as well can catch through the post in a few words. Just go through the narration and decide when you are going to flash your beloved handset. Here we go.

Flash or root using Samsung Odin

Odin is the only utility that can be find out from the market as a complex of options for Samsung Android devices. Using the tool, you are capable to flash both stock and custom ROMs and kernels for varies movements. For the most part, users use this utility to flash and root devices using tar based software files. It is important keep in mind that tar is the only file format that we can set through the implement. Though some of you might encounter zip firmware and kernels for Samsung Android, Odin cannot read them at all.

And also, it is important that your handset compatible with the tool for some newer devices might not be able to go through for some reasons. Moreover, you can find out respective tar based firmware files from Sammobile when you need to flash stock firmware. For the most part, experts advice users to be careful of their custom ROM and kernel suggestions because of their zip format. It is not that easy to find out tar based custom packages unless you are lucky enough. So you must be careful of your suggestion always for it should be in accordance with recommendations.

Briefly about Samsung Odin 3.13.1

The latest version can find out as 3.13.1 with a couple of remarkable features. Apart from its technical adjustments, Mac support, Oreo flash possibility and Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge support are the three considerable points here. If you related for one of those, then this is the most waited tool. Set up it with respective phone drivers on your PC and you can flash right away devoid of any further necessities once you are with minimum requirements.

But the flashing procedure or the step guide does not have renewed points that you should go through. So you can easily go through without any matter.

Final words

You are capable to download the latest version 3.13.1 of tool Odin on your Windows or Mac for free. It capable to support users to completely flash Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Fellows those who were nervous about Android Oreo flashing can now try out the utility with enhanced possibilities. However, upgrade, downgrade, resolve varies issues, unroot, root and many further options are there that you are capable to triumph all the way through a single utility is really amazing. Having Odin on your desktop will support you in many cases. Just put the device into download mode and set the tool through.

How to use Samsung smart switch apk?

When we need to transfer a load of varies data to a device, it is not that easy to use Bluetooth for it takes long to share heavy files. Moreover, if we find out a third-party application, it might force you to work with limited file sizes and even formats that recommended. But it is a troublesome limitation to select and waste your time either. Therefore, we brought an implement call Samsung smart switch apk for you to easily carry out tasks. It is the safest and the sharpest manner that we found to suggest you here. When you are with iOS, blackberry, Windows or Mac, on the other hand, make sure that both devices installed the app. That’s all matters.

samsung smart switch apk

Samsung smart switch apk compatibilities

The app compatible with almost all Samsung devices that stand with minimum requirements. When there is an Android device above Android 4.0, there is nothing further to worry as you have power to set up the tool there. Moreover, when you come to Blackberry, you too can become a user of the best file transferring utility in app stores right away. Moreover, when it is Windows, it should be Windows 10 or higher. Mac OS X is the next operating system that compatible the implement.

Moreover, you might anxious there are certain file formats and sizes. It does not matter even you need to share the entire load to a device. Contacts, videos, music, photos, calendar events, audio files and so on are there in the compatible list. It should be whatever without any limitation. And then when we consider its recommended file sizes, you can encounter whatsoever size.

Samsung smart switch apk for Android

If you are with an Android device, it is a blessing for you can easily arrange whatever feature easily even without any further requirement. Therefore, when you are with smart switch you will realize how easily you can do file shares and receive as well. The apk file of the application can find out from the Google Play tore. Unlike some other similar applications, you cannot find out this from any other third-party resource. Even the official Samsung smart switch host as well suggested the Play store link while not having a download link there.

How to share files?

Just make sure that both devices install the utility and click send or receive key on the certain device that you wish to do.

Samsung smart switch apk

Final words

At the end of the story, we remind you that this is the most excellent application that ever offered for Smartphone users. It capable to use with more than ten languages around the world. And even it capable to support users even with Windows, Mac and Blackberry as well in addition to Android and iOS. Though there are a couple of requirements, you can easily apply them and freely perform unlike any other identical utility. And for the most part, it capable to make you smarter than ever. All you have to make sure is that both devices that desire to connect each other holds the smart switch.

Samsung smart switch for Android and iPhone

Transfer files between Smartphone and Tablet is a little bit tough though there are a heap of file sharing applications. But also, there we can find out a couple of amazing tools such as Samsung smart switch that even capable to support us to share files between varies platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Mac and Android. It is easy and surrounds well-organized performances that can make the procedure easy and smooth. However, in this guide, we are going to let you know its performances, supportive areas and how to use with Android and iOS.

Samsung Smart switch for Android

The utility can set up on your smartphone to share varies files instantly just for free from Google Play store. When you are Android users, there you might have many other third-party applications that support file sharing. But, there are a couple of amazing features that this became one of top rated ones there.

The first thing is its free support for both root and non-root Android users. When you come with a load of files, some of applications might cannot hold that much or else get slower during the process. But Smart switch will not put you in troubles for it can carry out any size of collection right away. Moreover, file format is not a significant part that we have to worry about for it accepts whatever to share.

Therefore, having Samsung smart switch on your device means a lot since it let you connect with whatever other model even while it is not a Galaxy.

Samsung smart switch for iPhone

Of course, thanks to the developer we are capable to arrange shares between a Galaxy and an iPhone as well. When you make sure that the Samsung contain the app, there is nothing required to transfer your stuff between iPhone and the Android. It does not matter that iOS contain restrictions for smart switch capable to go through even.

When you need to connect with the Galaxy device to send or receive data, there are two key methods as iCloud and USB cable connectivity. Those who are not familiar with iCloud backup creation and transactions better use the cable to connect with. While iOS 10 and higher got separated guidelines, the previous ones too should follow their specific directions. When you are with a huge collection of files to transfer them, it is must go through the cable network as the developer recommended.

Final words

Samsung smart switch is an interesting application because of its features that ate significant and interesting. When you need to share any size of file collection and that comes in whatever type, this will help you there in minutes even without waste your precious time. It does not matter whether connected devices are rooted or non-root. You can connect via a USB cable and an adapter or else create a Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, the tool performance will not get slow unless there is a technical trouble behind the tool performance. Download the latest version of the utility and get ready for easy transactions.

Greenify apk download – Boost battery saving mode

The utility we brought you today is the most rated application of the year 2013 among the most excellent Android applications of Lifehacker’s contest. Of course, there is no doubt that it is being the same for the astounding feature it brought us. In fact, it capable to support Android users to set aside their battery wasting concern by hibernating the entire handset system in few clicks. We call it Greenify apk download which available for both root and non-root systems. If you were suffering since far, here is the best resolution that you must slip your eyes from end to end. Here we go.

greenify apk download

What is Hibernate?

Hibernate is the specific feature that you can only find out from Greenify. There is no other application which capable to hibernate apps for your in that advanced way. However, hibernate is kind of a state that the tool brings those surrounded third-party applications. For a period until you want those entered apps to alive, this feature will keep them sleep to technically save your battery life. There is nothing to doubt since its technical usage is an expert for the certain arrangement and will not put you in troubles by killing those hibernated apps forever. You can bring them back in active mode whenever you need.

How can we use Greenify apk download?

It is not that difficult to set up on whatever Android handset above Android 4.0. And there you have to confirm root permission that you took if you expect a huge package to deal. But it does not matter whether you are non-root. The application got separated packages for both modes.

However, the journey can commence with a few clicks by setting up the utility on the device frame. And then you can launch it and move between varies functions and enter those specific third-party apps that you do not often use to the list. For they are the prime reason behind your device battery exhaust, you can easily determine the difficulty thanks to Greenify. After settling it to the handset, you will realize the easiness of keeping the battery for a longer than previous.

If you are a user with root permission, then you can gain the extract of the implement since there are some conditions when you are with a formal system. the best thing is the recent version of Greenify can spread its wings and cover even Android P as well.

greenify apk download

Greenify apk download the latest version

The latest version 4.5.1 of the tool can download for free from the web or Play store on your Smartphone or the Tablet. With the arrangement, there are a couple of highlighted functions as follow. The all-new update has been simplified the user setup for Android P users. And Android O users can hide sticky alerts or Service Guardian. Moreover, the Oreo can accurately analyze applications with improved features than previous. “Working” app state as well expanded with more features. Those background sync task of applications can now perfectly detect devoid of any barrier. And also, hibernation became smarter than ever even with media playback exposure.

Alter system systemlessly with Magisk manager

Users those who are excited about enhancements that they can apply behind their default Android capable to deal with root. During the last couple of years, rooting became one of the most popular Android operations because of its startling talent that draws us a heap of amazing features. However, we are going to consider a method that users can become rooted users but in a superior approach. We call it Magisk Manager and that offered by the famed XDA developer topjohnwu. Unlike common rooting tools in the market, users can even hide their status to easily deal with some of applications and movements that require non-root status as well. Furthermore, there is a special managerial part in the tool which will support you to handle each and move on.

magisk manager

What’s more?

As the key feature that experts pronounce, Magisk package is the world’s first systemless root approach. It supports users from the depth to enhance possibilities and expand their experience in the technological types of equipment. Moreover, refer to following features that are unique and amazing behind this dealer that you can set up on your Smartphone in minutes.

Features of Magisk manager latest

MagiskSU is the key that supports the user to root their system. It is just a single click that all you have to do to accomplish the result. So Magisk Hide is the part that capable to hide your status and support you in some cases. This is one of the remarkable features as it helps you to bypass Google SafetyNet plus deal with any root unsupported applications. And then there is Magisk Mount. Using this, the user capable to apply any alteration to the headset even devoid of involves its partitions. Moreover, Magisk Manager is there as the hub that which moves through updates and Magisk Hide list will be managed through. These are unique functions that a user cannot bring when they are with a common rooting tool.

Android compatibility

The Magisk manager as well has very own limitations and conditions that a user should be careful. Android Lollipop which is the 5th generation up to Oreo the 8.1 are the specifically recommended Android editions that users should cautious. Apart from these, there is no any specific device brand that suggested.

How to download and install Magisk Manager?

magisk manager

  • Search the most recent version of Magisk manager and download on your device
  • And then, reboot the handset recovery into TWRP
  • Now touch the Install button on the launched TWRP UI
  • And then you can go down in the list and tap the file named “Magisk-v16.0zip” > Install key
  • After that, you have to remain there till the zip package of Magisk zip package set up on your Smartphone

When the user interface displays that the procedure successfully completed on your handset, you can realize that you can tap on the “Reboot System” key to reboot the device.

So the Magisk application will be there when you open it. So now you can start work with such enormous root permission that even can hide and deal in both root and non-root status.