Smartphone flash tool – Complete guide to flash Stock ROM

We are going to unwrap about another remarkable flashing tool available in XDA which namely Smartphone flash tool. The key role of the utility is flash stock ROM kits, recovery files and tune up issues related to the software of devices. But this is only for handsets available with MediaTek chipset support. The latest version 5.1828 of the tool available in the web for both Linux and Windows running PCs in size of 53.6MB. However, to flash using the utility, the device should be with root permission as it is the key to apply changes to the system.

smartphone flash tool

What’s more about Smartphone flash tool?

As the same manner that Android device models got very own flashing approaches, MTK devices too got SP flash tool that offered by XDA developers. So then, this is the sole supporter for you all, that you can use to resolve whatever trouble.

Further uses of the tool

Apart from flash support of the utility, there are a couple of further uses as well. Thus, you can flash recovery files that too based on Scatter files for customizations. Also, the Memory test is the next that capable to use for RAM verifications behind external memory. And you can set parameter for movements such as read and write data codes. When you need to format or reset the handset, this is the unconditional utility for that particular use as well. So if there is any trouble related to your MediaTek Android phone or the tab, check whether this can help you.

How to flash with Smartphone flash tool?

smartphone flash tool

  • Check the device battery strength to be above 50%
  • Backup everything important
  • Arrange a Laptop or a PC
  • Download and set up USB drivers to the PC
  • Turn off the handset and the device should remove on those removable devices
  • Download the stock firmware kit right away and extract it
  • Throughout extracted files, you can find out the flash tool exe file and run it
  • Now go to those tabs on the UI and go to the Download panel
  • When you enter, “Scatter-loading” button have to click
  • So a new window will open then for you to select the certain ROM file there
  • And then use the Download button there. It will start the procedure
  • After all above steps, bring the Smartphone and connect it to a workable port using a proper USB wire
  • During network the device, you can press Volume down/up key for a better connectivity
  • The process will take a few minutes around 10. At the final window, the note “Download OK” will display with a green circle

Now you can close the tool interface and remove the cable from the device. Check whether the ROM kit properly established on the device.

Important points

  • Whatever package that you select to flash through the device should come with scatter support
  • The above step guide can use for custom firmware flash operations as well particularly for MTK based devices
  • And finally, those files that you have to download should take through reliable sites

Odin download – Flash Android Oreo

Users with Samsung smart handsets are lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive utility call Odin download. It is one of famed flashing tools in the market specifically introduced for Samsung Smartphone and Tablet replicas. Apart from flash, there are several other special movements as well that you can count by going deeper. However, it has been recently settled an edition with the support of Android 8.0. So our narration today will cover the story you desired most since far. Those fellows looking for the best application that lets them modify the entire system of the device better check this out. If you missed version 3.13.1 here is the complete guide.

odin download

Odin download latest version to flash Oreo

Android Oreo is an interesting ROM kit to be flashed. But as often, most of the users needed to start go through Oreo through they yet to reach OTA updates. And even flash with a ROM package will safely set you on an advanced level devoid of those often troubles you have to face behind over the air updates.

However, thanks to the most recent version of tool Odin, we could simply do the flashing process to set up Oreo. And even you can even go through a Mac OS X machine either. Moreover, all these perfect dealings can even set over S8 and S8 Edge devices too.

How to flash Oreo with Odin download?

Here is the complete guide to flash Android Oreo on your beloved Samsung Smartphone. Follow each step carefully to accomplish thriving results.


  • Open the device settings panel and check the device model number
  • And then download a ROM package in accordance with the handset model number
  • Download Odin 3.13.1 as the latest edition for free
  • Unzip both files you downloaded during the last two steps
  • Turn off the handset then and put into download mode

How to?

odin download

  • Run Odin tool and start the procedure
  • You can connect the handset to the computer right away
  • The user interface should show “ADDED” in the log section
  • So just go to the buttons section of the UI and click the AP switch in it
  • Using it, you can bring the firmware file available in tar format. Just enter files that you have to set there
  • And after each arrangement, click the start button right away

It will commence the procedure and end within a few minutes. Keep your eyes on the interface as it should display PASS! when the process finished with a successful result. And then you can remove it from the cable to check out its performance that modified during the process.

 Troubleshooting tips

  • Make certain that you have been installed USB drivers to the computer
  • USB drivers must confirm as the latest version
  • Check the port that you are going to connect the cable during the procedure
  • And even the cable should be suitably connectable
  • The Odin version should be 3.13.1 as it is the edition that can support to flash Android 8.0
  • Restart the PC if anything goes wrong before starting the process back

Root master apk latest version with enhancements

Hello everyone. Hope you were there with our previous clarifications as well that exposed several amazing Android applications. So this is another that we call Root master apk download to be applied to become a rooted user in minutes. It is a free utility comes in a tiny size that even a newbie can simply suggest on their beloved devices. Capture the latest versions 3.0 that contain several enhancements for a better support.

root master apk

Why we need Root master apk?

There are thousands of Android rooting applications on the web. So, root master as well one of that remarkable supporter. It can settle any Smartphone or a Tablet either in minutes. We call the procedure single click rooting. Of course, there are some further identical tools as well in the market that can apply just with one click. But for that, the utility should be an easy and a user-friendly one. That’s why we gladly suggest you Root master.

Unlike many apps in the market, this only available an APK type tool which did not require the user to compile a PC and so on at all. You can direly set the app to the device and put your finger on the certain button to get root permission right away. That’s it. Furthermore, you will permit to capture all root-only stuff devoid of any trouble from then.

How to root using root master apk?


  • Create a backup of all important data
  • Check the battery strength to be above 80%

Since you do not have to prepare a Windows machine like PC based applications, no need to come up with a USB cable or anything related. Just bring the particular handset.

The procedure

  • Download root master latest version through your device browser right away

root master apk

  • Since the app is not one that can download from the play store, you have to enable Unknown Sources from the settings
  • When the setup procedure completed, you can start root by launch the app
  • Tap the Start button on the interface once you open it. So details of the device will display if the tool identifies that the device compatible
  • Keep in your mind, if the process will not be able to let you see handset details, it means you are not compatible. So you better stop the procedure from here and turn for some other solution
  • So when the root course will begin, you will see a circle on the screen. You have to remain up to 100% there
  • In the end, the interface will display “Successfully” to confirm that you have been succeeded

root master apk

When you become rooted

When you will be able to become a root user, there are several uses that you can add on your handset. We simply call them root-only apps for it required root permission. The first thing is you should know key functions of a device that rooted. Manage the system is important. When you get the key to open doorways, you can even unroot when you need to return to normal status.

Pingpong Root download for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

So we are here today with one of the brave rooting applications introduced by @wushi, @memeda, @Qoobee, @idl3r and Kingoroot team. It flawlessly supports Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 models that contain mature ROMs. However, Pingpong root download is exploits based rooting application that we can accomplish within few steps. It is not a desktop-based tool that can directly set up to the device system. You can download the latest version to make your procedure trouble-free and victorious. And even it supports more models plus a constant performance. If you are with 93 ROM versions, then you are lucky enough to get the hold up of this courageous implement.

pingpong root download

Why we need Pingpong root download?

There is no doubt that Pingpong root tool is the most brilliant alternative to root Samsung Galaxy S6 models. The best thing is it can support you to accomplish the result without touch the KNOX security counter at all. Consequently, there is no doubt that it became the best deal among hundreds of utilities that swiftly get an eyeful the KNOX counter.

However, all the user has to do is download the implement as an APK on their S6 with further requirements and follow its simple instructions to become a rooted client. As an important note, keep in your mind that the tool’s kernel exploit that it brings into play for movements has been patched. But, if you are lucky enough, you will not face troubles if your handset still available them.

How to root using Pingpong Root download?

pingpong root tool

  • First of all, check your device compatibility with the build number
  • Backup all data then
  • And then download the rooting tool directly on your device
  • Now you can set up the loaded app and get ready for the procedure
  • When you start to launch Data” option
  • Finally, click the root key  the utility, it will start to install SuperSU latest version
  • Now you should do the activation of SuperSU. So the error message will open swiftly as your device do not have root permission yet
  • And then you will navigate back to the rooting tool
  • So tap on the “Download and allow permission to run as well
  • Once the procedure will end, you can reboot the handset and uninstall the root tool

Important facts to remember

  • Devices that compiled must be Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
  • Ping Pong root tool cannot support bootloader locked devices
  • The utility will automatically load SuperSU. So you do not need to go through additional steps
  • Keep in your mind that you are far from OTA updates once become a rooted user
  • If the procedure fails without any certain reason, you should try several times


  • If your device running Android 5.1.1, you should avoid root if you care about tripping the KNOX counter
  • Handsets with newest ROM packages cannot get the support of Ping pong root

Troubleshooting tips

  • Make certain that your device is free from Kinguser. If it is there, you should remove it first
  • Moreover, if you are not sure that you are rooted, root checker app will support you for further confirmations

Rootkhp download for Smartphone with Android Nougat

We are back with an amazing offer of XDA developers comes with standard support. Rooting is the simple approach that users can capture the managerial level rights of their handset system. We call it Rootkhp download comes with special support over Tablets and Handset models in the market that even running Android 7.0 (Nougat). While there are no more than a few utilities for the particular endeavor, you can focus this suggestion and check out whether it is perfect for you.

rootkhp download

What is Rootkhp download?

The Rootkhp is an exclusive application for Android devices running Android Nougat. As a rooting utility, it comes for free and available in the market to stand over 1K Smartphone types devoid of any difficulty or complex. There is a long list of compatible devices in varies models. Once you desire its brave support, you should reach the latest version 1.6 with perfect support. It seems errors and troubles have been patched for the betterment of the user with a high standard of performance.

What is the latest version?

The hottest launch of developers for Rootkhp is 1.6. It contains several enrichments for the performance and further uses as well. However, devices such as Huawei G9, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, Xiaomi Mi5and so on have been added to the compatible handset list. Moreover, unexpected errors such as restart the interface and so on as well fixed perfectly. And also, devices that specifically cracked during the procedure such as Nexus 6, Hisense C1 and LG G2 have been perfectly settled.

Root using Rootkhp download


  • First of all, you should download Rootkhp on a Windows running computer
  • And then navigate to the settings app and facilitate USB debugging mode
  • Compile a USB cable and charge the phone at least up to 75%

The step guide

rootkhp download

  • If all the above have been prepared, you can commence the procedure.
  • Take the USB cable you prepared and connect to the PC
  • Stay few minutes until you make sure that the handset detected
  • Once the detection is over, use the orange color button that labeled as root to set the process
  • Within few seconds, “Root process started. Please wait a few minutes” announcement will put on the show on the UI
  • So you have to stay away until the utility properly break barriers of the handset systems and let you know that the process succeeded with “Congratulations! Root finishes” notification

Now there is no any matter that you can take on your hands and check its status. Close the graphical user interface and set up Root checker on your app section. So you can launch it and tap on the certain switch to check whether the phone is rooted or not.

Troubleshooting tips to follow

Sometimes, the interface might pop up an error notification once the user taps on the root button. If it happens, you have to check out whether the phone connected properly to the machine using the USB cable. If not, reconnect it and check again

Moreover, USB drivers as well important to set up to the PC that you are going to use as they will let you perfectly connect with each other

How to Download MagiskSU for Manually Root an Android

Download MagiskSU application can be used for rooting manner of all the Android devices without any doubt. Though there are a number of rooting tools the majority of them can use over only one Android brand. This valuable tool has a wide range of compatible devices list for rooting procedure. MagiskSU has developed by “topjhonwu” who detected as an app developer and contributor of XDA Developers. The best compatible MagiskSU application is based on PHP’s approach and the MagiskSU can follow the same language as SuperSU. Both applications can make you a super user of your Android smart kit using exactly the same way. That is why all the users who need to stay with the SuperSU application can use MagiskSU for support to ChainFire rooting solution. Download MagiskSU is the best ever application what can use to gain administrative privileges.

download magisksu

MagiskSU application comes with more powerful Universal Systemless Interface as same as the ChainFire rooting solution. This is not an average rooting application that can be downloaded in any sphere of the world wide web. Download MagiskSU allows you to modify the boot image of your smart handset. If you have rooted the smart kit before using this application it allows you to touch the system partition. This will help you to customize your smart device according to your wish. MagiskSU let you mess with the custom ROM firmware and you can enjoy extended battery life, boost performances and more other using this way. Keep in mind that engaging Custom firmware flashing may cause to void your device’s warranty because no vendor allows changing their standards ever. Installing the MagiskSU Systemless interface is a nice easy process that you can engage. The Systemless rooting the system affords you handling Android Pay.

Download MagiskSU On your Personal Computer

MagiskSU is an Android-based application and you have to download using a PC and transfer it to your Android smart handset. You can use two in one applications to install and uninstall this application on your Android smart kit. We have presented three direct links of the application as Installer, Uninstaller and the APK file here. You have to download all these apps and use them on your smart device. Make sure to follow all the steps otherwise this may be not worked in its better performances. MagiskSU runs similar to Xposed Framework so you can install modules to modify all the areas in the handset. The major difference is MagiskSU allows changing all the ways in a Systemless way but the Xposed Framework granting permanent ones. MagiskSU is compatible with the latest Android Nougat operating system.

  • MagiskSU Installer application
  • MagiskSU Uninstaller
  • MagiskSU Manager APK


  • You have to flash TWRP Recovery before engaging in the procedure.
  • Take a complete backup of all the necessary personal data what stored on your smart device.
  • Need unlocked Bootloader to start the process.
  • The battery life must be over 60% is recommended to prevent an unexpected shutdown.
  • Read the guide carefully and refresh knowledge for a better output.

How to install MagiskSU

  • First, take a complete backup of your smart handset.
  • Download MagiskSU installer via the above-mentioned link and transfer it to the smart device.
  • Boot your handset into TWRP Recovery mode.
  • Tap the “Install” button on MagiskSU application.
  • Swipe to confirm the flashing.
  • After complete the flashing process, reboot the device.
  • Then navigate the default browser to our official website and download MagiskSU Manager APK file and install it.
  • This installation creates a boot image backup in image file/ data/ stock_boot<sha1>.img.gz.

magisk manager

How to uninstall MagiskSU

  • Visit our website and download MagiskSU Uninstaller.
  • Boot into TWRP Recovery.
  • Flash the uninstaller from TWRP Recovery mode.
  • This simple steps will remove installed the application.


  • This application is 100% open source and any developer can change the application using correct develop codes.
  • Allow managing Rooting, Upgrades, Installations.
  • The application can upgrade in-app mode.
  • Anable to hide the app from detecting.
  • Allows to modifying props in your handset.
  • Grants a bunch of system modifications over Systemless method.
  • Already grants several points to access the app developers.

Changes Log

  • The Symlinks changed to work as new files.
  • Fixed errors that arose when files or folders contain spaces.
  • Increased the communication with MagiskSU Manager APK.
  • Fixed all the errors with SU-Commands.
  • Added CN Option to Binary files.
  • Enhanced Super User login options.
  • Speed up the invocation.
  • Fixed all the bugs displayed in previous versions.
  • Repaired the black-screen issue of Flash Fire.
  • Able to work as an independent script.
  • Compatible with all modifications that need to use props even it has a null value.
  • Remove legacy setting hack for Tiback.

In all the ways the MagiskSU is the best and the superior application for all kind of flashing and Rooting manners. The MagiskSU will run subsequent updates in the future because of the Pseudo SELinux Enforce Mode. You have a pretty good chance to use this application on any Android smartphone. So if you need to admit with a rooting manner we recommend you to download MagiskSU Android application for make easy the flashing and the rooting procedure.

Root Master APK Download for Latest Android Version

Root master apk

As we all would like to maintain our beloved Smartphone in an advanced manner that its official surroundings, it is better to know the most excellent method which lets us expose the frame. Overall, rooting is the approach that removes barriers and let you bring to light the entire system and the handset. However, Root master APK download is our suggestion which is a brilliant implement for everyone. Its well-established performance is the key feature that leads you through an unspoiled procedure. So here is the brief guide to load the application simply on your device and bring root status in a better manner.

Why We Use Root Master APK?

Though there are heaps of rooting tools in the market, using Root master will be a worthy experience. As it is not a common desktop based application and that comes as an APK, it is easy to handle. Though you do not have further knowledge about rooting, it does not matter it completely gives you single-click root approach.

However, its user interface and the simply designed procedure is the best deal that you do not have to worry about. All you have to do is just settle the app to the handset and tap on the certain button. In fact, this will be the best utility you will ever encounter.

Root master apk download

How to Use Root Master APK on Android?


  • Backup all important files, documents, and everything
  • Fully charge the phone battery for it should not turn off when the root process will start

Step Guide

  • Download the latest version of Root master APK directly on your handset
  • For the app is not a Play store suggestion, you will ask to enable Unknown Sources. So navigate to Settings and enable the option
  • And then let it continue the installation automatically
  • Now you can launch the application
  • Capture the Start button from the UI and click it to begin the procedure
  • Details of the handset including Android version and its model version. In this step, you can make certain whether the utility supports the device
  • The process will display on your screen. You have to keep in your mind to stay there until the end of the procedure without touch or try to function
  • When the UI display “Success” at the end, you can reboot the device

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If the process goes wrong, check whether the utility you selected is the latest
  • And do not get rid of once it will fail. You have to try out a couple of times

Features You Will Gain

Once your device will enter to root status, you are no longer limited to the official frame that even cannot bother remove stock apps either. Therefore, just after Rootmaster performs on your structure, you can start function whatever you desire so far without any further permission.

  • Custom ROM or Kernel flash
  • Remove stock app from the system
  • Download root-only apps
  • Enhance the system to perform sharp and fast
  • To use free Wi-Fi
  • Block ads in third-party apps

Nexus Root Toolkit Download for Windows

Nexus root Toolkit is perfect toolbox for nexus devices; nexus toolkit is not only a rooting tool box but also a collection of other facilities features included. Nexus 5 rooting tool kit supports push and pull files, restore and backup files with developed restore features, flashes zip files, automates TWRP task, generates bug and log cats reports, installs apps, auto update and notification system, set file permission and much more.

Root tool kit for Nexus 5 is easy and user friendly software used for Nexus rooting. Nexus root toolkit 1.8.7 is the latest version released by Chainfire for root toolkit. Nexus root toolkit latest have new features like full rooting of KitKat powered devices, JPEG library bugs fixing, localization of Status bar with bugs fixed , implementation of Per- zone user data handling, “QuickFind route” optimized Implementation ,  enhanced screen recording feature and web work security fixes


But this Nexus rooting software doesn’t support Linux and Mac OS but Windows. So mac and Linux users have to use a VM to run Nexus Root toolkit in their OSs.

Devices Supports for Latest Nexus Tool Kit

  • Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE Sprint
  • Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE Verizon
  • Galaxy Nexus GSM
  • Nexus S Worldwide
  • Nexus S i9020
  • Nexus S i9023
  • Nexus S 850MH
  • Nexus S i9020
  • Nexus S Korea
  • Nexus S m200
  • Nexus 4G d720
  • Nexus 7 Asus tablet
  • Nexus 7 3G Asus tablet
  • Nexus 7 v2 tablet
  • Nexus 7 v2 LTE Asus tablet
  • Nexus 10 Samsung tablet
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus  5 LG

Smart Guide on Nexus Root Toolkit Nexus Rooting

  1. First of all it is recommended to keep a full backup of data stored in the device
  2. Then select your Nexus device need to root
  3. Then change the Configurations of the drivers unless they haven’t been configured before
  4. After that unlock the device you have
  5. Now you can Root Nexus devices you own

If you follow a complete and care rooting guide with Nexus rooting toolkit then you will be able to unlock and have OTA updates for the device.

Nexus root toolkit credits go to Chainfire, Google and Team Win for their commitment



How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy s5 root is can be root now CF-Auto-Root tool and it developed by XDA developers. using CF Root Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note, Tab models and many samsung devices you can rooting. galaxy s5 rooting is very easy simple flash  and you can lean how to root galaxy s5 easy steps. install SuperSU binary, APK stock recovery rooting this can root with CF-Auto-RootsuperoneclickOdin v 3.09, and  vroot more tools direct download and step by step guides and video guides in our site.


Galaxy s5 root

Samsung galaxy s5 – Download CF-Auto-Root direct Download link

Galaxy S5 AKA GS5 – Root currently Galaxy models

  • Samsung -G900F – Europe
  • Samsung -G900I – Asia
  • Samsung -G900K/G900L/G900S – Korea
  • Samsung -G900M – Vodafone
  • Samsung -G900R4 – US Cellular
  • Samsung -G900T – T-Mobile US
  • Samsung -G900W8 – Canada
  • Samsung -G900T1 – Metro PCS
  • Samsung -G900H -International Exynos

Root galaxy s5 step by step guide with CF-Auto-Root

    • CF-Auto-Root download to your computer and unzip Download CF Root file.
    • Cache.img file and recovery.img extracted twice. after end up .md5.tar file do not extract this one.
    • Unplug your phone from computer.
    • Open Odin 3.xx.exe (Odin v3.07 or Odin v3.09).
    • After Click PDA button and select CR-Auto-Root.tar.md5.
    • Put your phone in download mode. (Turn off phone> volume button+power button+home press and hold and you will ask press a button to continue> listed button press or adb reboot command download).
    • Galaxy s5 connect your computer on USB cable.
    • Sure Re-partition is NOT checked.
    • Press start button and waiting for reboot phone.
    • Now galaxy 5s rooted successfully.

Root Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean(XXDME1) now update Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100). Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firemware update now samsung rolled for handset. use samsung’s kies software or (OTA) over-the-air, you can install jelly bean latest updateta in your Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100). rooted devices remove installing stock firmware for root access, you perform rotting again your device. this post you can explain root galaxy Note 2 – GT-N7100 running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXDME1. Now you can Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update.


Root galaxy Note 2 – GT-N7100 running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Root Pre-requisites – root Galaxy Note 2

  • you need to install custom recovery for flash any coustom ROM in future.
  • Backups your galaxy Note 2 – GT-N7100 device all apps, data, and settings.
  • Your galaxy Note 2 Battery charged minimum 80% percentage.
  • Install galaxy Note 2 USB drivers on your computer .
  • Make sure enabled USB Debugging on your running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean galaxy Note 2. Path – Setting >> Developer options >> USB Debugging enable.

Root Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean galaxy Note 2 Step by step guide

  • Enter download mode. Turn off Galaxy Note 2 and put your phone in download mode. press and hold volume down button and power and home button together. after you can see warning screen and press volume up button. now you can enter download mode your Galaxy Note 2.
  • Run Odin v3.07 as administrator. Now connect your device to computer in via USB cable and connect download mode.
  • You will see Added msg in odin v3.07 in computer and ID: com port number.
  • Click PDA button in Odin v3.07 and select the “F-Auto-Root-t03g-t03gxx-gtn7100.tar.md5.”
  • Check in Odin v3.07 Auto RebootF. Reset Time option.
  • Press START button in odin v3.07 for root Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.
  • Complete after rooting process you can see PASS message in top of odin with green background.
  • Now your Samsung Galaxy Note 2(GT-N7100) device reboot automatically and start the home screen unplug your device in computer.

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Root video guide

Now Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean galaxy Note 2 reboot and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean rooting is successful. root galaxy note 3 running kitkat tutorial and more devices rooting step by step guide, video guide and rooting tools direct download in our our site.