Pingpong Root download for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

So we are here today with one of the brave rooting applications introduced by @wushi, @memeda, @Qoobee, @idl3r and Kingoroot team. It flawlessly supports Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 models that contain mature ROMs. However, Pingpong root download is exploits based rooting application that we can accomplish within few steps. It is not a desktop-based tool that can directly set up to the device system. You can download the latest version to make your procedure trouble-free and victorious. And even it supports more models plus a constant performance. If you are with 93 ROM versions, then you are lucky enough to get the hold up of this courageous implement.

pingpong root download

Why we need Pingpong root download?

There is no doubt that Pingpong root tool is the most brilliant alternative to root Samsung Galaxy S6 models. The best thing is it can support you to accomplish the result without touch the KNOX security counter at all. Consequently, there is no doubt that it became the best deal among hundreds of utilities that swiftly get an eyeful the KNOX counter.

However, all the user has to do is download the implement as an APK on their S6 with further requirements and follow its simple instructions to become a rooted client. As an important note, keep in your mind that the tool’s kernel exploit that it brings into play for movements has been patched. But, if you are lucky enough, you will not face troubles if your handset still available them.

How to root using Pingpong Root download?

pingpong root tool

  • First of all, check your device compatibility with the build number
  • Backup all data then
  • And then download the rooting tool directly on your device
  • Now you can set up the loaded app and get ready for the procedure
  • When you start to launch Data” option
  • Finally, click the root key  the utility, it will start to install SuperSU latest version
  • Now you should do the activation of SuperSU. So the error message will open swiftly as your device do not have root permission yet
  • And then you will navigate back to the rooting tool
  • So tap on the “Download and allow permission to run as well
  • Once the procedure will end, you can reboot the handset and uninstall the root tool

Important facts to remember

  • Devices that compiled must be Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
  • Ping Pong root tool cannot support bootloader locked devices
  • The utility will automatically load SuperSU. So you do not need to go through additional steps
  • Keep in your mind that you are far from OTA updates once become a rooted user
  • If the procedure fails without any certain reason, you should try several times


  • If your device running Android 5.1.1, you should avoid root if you care about tripping the KNOX counter
  • Handsets with newest ROM packages cannot get the support of Ping pong root

Troubleshooting tips

  • Make certain that your device is free from Kinguser. If it is there, you should remove it first
  • Moreover, if you are not sure that you are rooted, root checker app will support you for further confirmations