Rootkhp download for Smartphone with Android Nougat

We are back with an amazing offer of XDA developers comes with standard support. Rooting is the simple approach that users can capture the managerial level rights of their handset system. We call it Rootkhp download comes with special support over Tablets and Handset models in the market that even running Android 7.0 (Nougat). While there are no more than a few utilities for the particular endeavor, you can focus this suggestion and check out whether it is perfect for you.

rootkhp download

What is Rootkhp download?

The Rootkhp is an exclusive application for Android devices running Android Nougat. As a rooting utility, it comes for free and available in the market to stand over 1K Smartphone types devoid of any difficulty or complex. There is a long list of compatible devices in varies models. Once you desire its brave support, you should reach the latest version 1.6 with perfect support. It seems errors and troubles have been patched for the betterment of the user with a high standard of performance.

What is the latest version?

The hottest launch of developers for Rootkhp is 1.6. It contains several enrichments for the performance and further uses as well. However, devices such as Huawei G9, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, Xiaomi Mi5and so on have been added to the compatible handset list. Moreover, unexpected errors such as restart the interface and so on as well fixed perfectly. And also, devices that specifically cracked during the procedure such as Nexus 6, Hisense C1 and LG G2 have been perfectly settled.

Root using Rootkhp download


  • First of all, you should download Rootkhp on a Windows running computer
  • And then navigate to the settings app and facilitate USB debugging mode
  • Compile a USB cable and charge the phone at least up to 75%

The step guide

rootkhp download

  • If all the above have been prepared, you can commence the procedure.
  • Take the USB cable you prepared and connect to the PC
  • Stay few minutes until you make sure that the handset detected
  • Once the detection is over, use the orange color button that labeled as root to set the process
  • Within few seconds, “Root process started. Please wait a few minutes” announcement will put on the show on the UI
  • So you have to stay away until the utility properly break barriers of the handset systems and let you know that the process succeeded with “Congratulations! Root finishes” notification

Now there is no any matter that you can take on your hands and check its status. Close the graphical user interface and set up Root checker on your app section. So you can launch it and tap on the certain switch to check whether the phone is rooted or not.

Troubleshooting tips to follow

Sometimes, the interface might pop up an error notification once the user taps on the root button. If it happens, you have to check out whether the phone connected properly to the machine using the USB cable. If not, reconnect it and check again

Moreover, USB drivers as well important to set up to the PC that you are going to use as they will let you perfectly connect with each other