Root master apk latest version with enhancements

Hello everyone. Hope you were there with our previous clarifications as well that exposed several amazing Android applications. So this is another that we call Root master apk download to be applied to become a rooted user in minutes. It is a free utility comes in a tiny size that even a newbie can simply suggest on their beloved devices. Capture the latest versions 3.0 that contain several enhancements for a better support.

root master apk

Why we need Root master apk?

There are thousands of Android rooting applications on the web. So, root master as well one of that remarkable supporter. It can settle any Smartphone or a Tablet either in minutes. We call the procedure single click rooting. Of course, there are some further identical tools as well in the market that can apply just with one click. But for that, the utility should be an easy and a user-friendly one. That’s why we gladly suggest you Root master.

Unlike many apps in the market, this only available an APK type tool which did not require the user to compile a PC and so on at all. You can direly set the app to the device and put your finger on the certain button to get root permission right away. That’s it. Furthermore, you will permit to capture all root-only stuff devoid of any trouble from then.

How to root using root master apk?


  • Create a backup of all important data
  • Check the battery strength to be above 80%

Since you do not have to prepare a Windows machine like PC based applications, no need to come up with a USB cable or anything related. Just bring the particular handset.

The procedure

  • Download root master latest version through your device browser right away

root master apk

  • Since the app is not one that can download from the play store, you have to enable Unknown Sources from the settings
  • When the setup procedure completed, you can start root by launch the app
  • Tap the Start button on the interface once you open it. So details of the device will display if the tool identifies that the device compatible
  • Keep in your mind, if the process will not be able to let you see handset details, it means you are not compatible. So you better stop the procedure from here and turn for some other solution
  • So when the root course will begin, you will see a circle on the screen. You have to remain up to 100% there
  • In the end, the interface will display “Successfully” to confirm that you have been succeeded

root master apk

When you become rooted

When you will be able to become a root user, there are several uses that you can add on your handset. We simply call them root-only apps for it required root permission. The first thing is you should know key functions of a device that rooted. Manage the system is important. When you get the key to open doorways, you can even unroot when you need to return to normal status.